How to remove rust from things

How to remove rust from clothes: tips and tricks

Many housewives are interested in how to remove rust from clothes at home without damaging the structure of the fabric.

It is important to select the cleaning method and detergent, taking into account the type of fabric from which the clothes are made.

Causes of rust on clothes

The main causes of rust on clothing are:

  1. — drying things on metal heated towel rails or radiators;
  2. — washing things together with metal objects that remained in pockets;
  3. — contact of wet things with metal objects;
  4. — the presence of metal fittings on things;
  5. - contact with rusty metal objects (benches, swings).

Rust appears very quickly on light-colored items; if the problem is not dealt with in a timely manner, brown stains will make the item unwearable. The result of using a stain remover depends on the size of the stain.

How to remove rust from white clothes?

On light-colored items, rust stains are more clearly visible; in the process of removing stains, it is important to consider how to properly treat the problem so as not to damage the structure of the fabric.

Lemon acid.

Citric acid removes even stubborn stains without a trace.

Directions for use: Mix 0.5 cups of water with 20 grams of citric acid. Pour the resulting solution into a saucepan, put it on the stove, and heat it up. Dip part of the fabric on which rust has formed into the hot solution. Leave for 7-10 minutes, rinse clothes in clean water.

Important: the liquid can only be mixed and heated in enamel containers, this reduces the likelihood of a decrease in the effectiveness of this substance.

A product for removing rust from plumbing fixtures.

This method can be used to remove rust from cotton products. How to use: Apply a small amount of plumbing cleaner to the stain and rub. Wash several times in clean water!

Hydrochloric acid.

Mode of application:

— pour 2% hydrochloric acid into the container;

- place the clothes for a couple of minutes;

— dilute ammonia (2 tablespoons) with one liter of water;

- rinse the stain. This method allows you to remove rust without a trace.

How to remove rust stains from colored clothes?

In order to maintain the brightness of the color of the fabric, careful cleaning of the product is required.


A glycerin suspension will help remove rust stains from colored clothes.

Method of preparation: - chalk (powder); - liquid glycerin. Mix the ingredients in a glass bowl, then apply a thin layer to the fabric. Leave for 24 hours, wash the product in warm water.

Table vinegar.

Vinegar not only removes rust, but also restores the brightness of the fabric.

Directions for use: mix one glass of table vinegar with 10 liters of water, soak the clothes that need to be washed for 12 hours. Rinse in clean water.

 Natural fabric

This material is highly resistant to various stain removers, so you can remove rust by resorting to special mixtures.

Oxalic acid and soda. Directions for use: - 1 tsp. False oxalic acid; - water 1 tbsp. spoon. Mix the ingredients. Apply to the rust stain for a couple of minutes. Then sprinkle baking soda on top and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Salt and tartaric acid. Method for preparing stain remover: mix a teaspoon of salt and tartaric acid, add one glass of water. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Apply to the stain, leave until completely dry, rinse thoroughly.

Ammonia and hydrochloric acid. Directions for use: soak a piece of fabric with a rust stain in hydrochloric acid for 15 minutes, then prepare a container with water and ammonia, for one liter of water - 30 ml of ammonia.

Rinse things in the resulting solution.

Hydrosulfite. Chemical reagent for removing stains from white fabrics only.

Directions for use: for 200 ml. Dissolve 5 grams of the substance in water, heat the mixture to 60 degrees. Place the product in the solution for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Ammonia and vinegar. In 200 ml. water add 1 tbsp. spoon of vinegar, boil the resulting solution, soak the item that has rust stains. After 20 minutes, rinse in water with the addition of ammonia. For one liter of water - 30 ml. Ammonia.


Denim is very durable and may not respond to regular stain removers.

Salt and table vinegar. Mix salt and vinegar in equal proportions. Apply the resulting mixture to the rust stain for 10-12 hours. After the specified time, wash your jeans as usual.

Lemon acid. Dilute to 200 ml. Water one teaspoon of citric acid. Apply the solution to the rust stain. Rinse off after 10 minutes.

Synthetic and delicate fabrics

Synthetics are very sensitive to various acids. Therefore, rust stains can only be removed using gentle methods.

Stain remover.

When choosing a stain remover, pay attention to the instructions; it indicates the type of fabric for which it can be used.

"Antipyatin" stain remover produced in the form of gel or soap. To remove rust, dampen a cloth with water and apply the product to the stain. Leave it on for a few hours, then scrub the stained area. Wash in clean water.

“Vanish oxi action” should be used according to the instructions on the package.

“Dr. Beckmann Expert" apply the product to the stain, leave for one hour, rinse the product.

Toothpaste. Directions for use: mix toothpaste and glycerin in a 1:1 ratio, apply to the rust, leave for 24 hours. Wash the product in clean water. Glycerin and chalk. Directions for use: mix chalk and glycerin in equal proportions, apply to the rust for 2-4 hours, rinse in water with the addition of ammonia (30 ml of ammonia per liter of water).

Traditional methods for removing rust from clothes

Using improvised means that almost all housewives have in their homes, you can easily remove rust from clothes.

Lemon. Cut the lemon into circles, then apply to the stain for 5-10 minutes. Wash your clothes as usual.

Lemon juice. Directions for use: cut the lemon into two parts, squeeze the juice, mix with water in a 1:1 ratio, rinse the clothes in clean water.

Salt and vinegar. Method for preparing homemade stain remover: mix 1 tsp in a glass container. salt and 1 tsp. vinegar. Using a wooden spatula, apply the product to the rust stain for 30 minutes, scrub the stained area with a brush, and wash the product as usual.

Liquid glycerin and dishwashing detergent. If the rust stain is fresh, you can remove it by preparing a solution of glycerin and dishwashing detergent, mixing the ingredients in equal proportions. Rub the resulting mixture onto the rust stain and leave for 10-12 hours, rinse the product thoroughly.

Toothpaste. Removes fresh rust stains. Apply to the stain and leave for 2-3 hours, wash the item as usual.

Citric acid and table vinegar. Method for preparing stain remover:

- mix 1 tbsp. a spoonful of acid and 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vinegar;

- add 1 glass of water, stir thoroughly;

- soak the part of the product that has a rust stain for 15-20 minutes;

- wash the item in the traditional way.

Tomato. Directions for use: cut the tomato into two parts, rub the rust on the underside, leave for one hour. Wash as usual.

Tips and tricks

To easily remove rust from fabric, you must adhere to the following rules:

— it is much easier to remove fresh rust stains;

- apply stain removers and other rust removal products from the reverse side, this will reduce the risk of streaks and color fading

- before you begin the rust removal procedure, carefully study the label on the clothing;

— rust stains are easily susceptible to acids: acetic, citric, tartaric; if the stain is fresh, then these components will easily remove rust from the item;

— when working with aggressive substances and acids, wear rubber gloves to prevent burns to your hands.

By following simple rules and recommendations, you can extend the life of the product, maintain the structure and brightness of the fabric.


How and how to remove rust from white clothes at home - proven methods

Iron oxide eats tightly into fabric fibers, and not every housewife knows how to properly remove rust from clothes at home so that there are no traces left on it.

General recommendations for different types of fabrics

Depending on the type of white fabric, rust stains should be removed differently. Therefore, before you start washing, carefully study the information on the label.

Cotton and linen

White cotton and linen can withstand high temperatures, acids and other aggressive substances. Citric acid dissolved in boiling water works well, but you shouldn’t constantly subject your clothes to such tests.


If the product contains bleach, it will harm colored fabrics: it will ruin the shade and structure of the material. To play it safe, use vinegar or salt.


Jeans will be washed off rust with a special washing liquid. If the fabric is thick, use tartaric, citric or acetic acid.

Synthetics and delicate fabrics

Synthetics can be treated with a stain remover for colored fabrics, but silk is more capricious and does not withstand the effects of household chemicals. To remove rust from it, you will have to use folk remedies.

Folk recipes

A pin forgotten in a pocket can play a cruel joke on us, because in order to remove a rust stain, we will have to tinker quite a bit. Unexpected means at hand will come to the rescue.

Lemon acid

Citric acid effectively removes rust from white things, but its properties are fully revealed only under the influence of high temperatures:

  1. Dissolve one packet of lemon juice in a glass and treat the rust with a cotton swab.
  2. Cover the stain with paper, front and back, and then iron the T-shirt.

Fresh lemon can easily replace crystals:

  1. Squeeze the juice from one lemon into a glass of water.
  2. Rub the rust stains with this liquid.
  3. Leave the remover on for 1 hour and then wash as usual.

Life hack
To remove an old stain, rub it with lemon and iron it.


Whitening toothpaste without colored inclusions will help remove stains from chiffon, silk or guipure. Spread it in a thick layer and leave for 30 minutes. One “but”. The paste should not dry out, so you will have to periodically wet and rub the stain.

Soda, ammonia, peroxide

To remove rust without any difficulty, add baking soda to the powder. It not only carefully removes stains from things, but also softens “hard” water. If you don’t have it in the house, use ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. By the way, the latter effectively removes not only rust, but also blood.

Vinegar and salt

You can also find a product in the kitchen to remove rust from blue and gray jeans:

  1. Prepare a paste of vinegar and coarse salt.
  2. Clean the fabric with this mixture.
  3. After a few hours, wash the jeans by hand or in a washing machine.

If the fabric is thick, wash it with a mixture of equal amounts of acetic acid and water.

Onion and glycerin

Shirts made of delicate fabrics will be freed from rust by a mixture of one grated onion with 50 ml of glycerin. This paste should be left on a T-shirt or jeans for 3 hours. If you're concerned about the smell that onions may leave, use dishwashing liquid instead.


The following method is only suitable if the clothing can withstand exposure to hot water. Take 1 tsp. hydrosulfite and add it to a glass of boiling water. Treat the rust mark with this mixture for several minutes.


Treating with glycerin will help remove stains from a wool sweater or silk shirt. Mix it with water and liquid soap in equal proportions and apply to the fabric. The method is effective, but not without its drawbacks:

  • you will have to wait 24 hours for the effect;
  • Before washing with a regular detergent, you need to rinse the item thoroughly, otherwise dark stains that are difficult to remove will remain.


To prevent bright T-shirts from becoming faded, clean them with 9% vinegar. It is used to fix the color, so it will not ruin your favorite clothes. Just soak it in a basin, adding 100 ml of vinegar. There is no need to rinse the item before washing.

To enhance the recipe, prepare a concentrated solution. To do this, add 100 g of salt, a pinch of soda and 50 ml of table vinegar to a glass of water and wash the stain with this mixture.

Chalk and glycerin

These ingredients make up an effective cleansing paste. Mix glycerin and chalk in a 1:1 ratio, rub the rust stain with this mixture and wash the T-shirt after 24 hours. The method is suitable for colored silk and wool. To enhance the effect, cover the stain with cling film.

Mix all ingredients in enamel dishes that are not susceptible to oxidation.

Household chemicals

It is better to opt for oxygen bleaches. Experienced housewives recommend such products as “Vanish”, “Amway”, “Dr. Beckmann and a Faberlic pencil.

Radical means

Chlorine bleaches, for example, “Whiteness,” destroy fabric fibers, and the item begins to tear and look untidy. Moreover, bleach is not the most effective rust remover.

If the stain is old and nothing can remove it, use rust removers that contain oxalic acid. These include Sanox, Cillit and Sanfor Special Black. Remember that these are radical methods, experiment on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing and wear gloves so as not to ruin your clothes and hands.

Now you know how to remove rust from jeans and shirts at home. Fresh stains come off with normal washing with the addition of a stain remover. But old ones will have to be soaked, bleached, or even dissolved by resorting to plumbing gels. Don't put off washing so that your clothes last longer and remain attractive.


9 ways to remove rust from clothes from experienced housewives

Inexplicably, from time to time, traces of rust appear on my clothes or fabric. They can appear for various reasons - you simply forgot to take the keys out of your pocket, they got wet and left a rusty stain.

Also, rust on fabric can appear from metal zippers, locks, and buttons. You can lean against an object that is corroded. There are many options, but the good news is that you can remove rust from fabric. Just don’t put clothes with a rusty stain in the washing machine right away.

Stains need to be pre-treated.

I’ll tell you working ways to remove rust from clothes. Removing rust stains from colored fabrics is quite difficult, since under the influence of drugs the fabrics can fade. Therefore, such stains should be removed in the most gentle way. To do this, it is best to use DIY home remedies that do not harm the products.

Tips from experienced housewives on how to remove rust from fabric

Removing rusty stains is a rather scrupulous procedure, so listen to our advice:

  • Remove the rust stain as soon as it appears. If the stain remains on the clothing for a long time, the rust molecules will eventually penetrate deeper into the fabric and it will be much more difficult to remove it than once it appeared.
  • There is no need to pre-soak the rust stain. When in contact with water, the stain will easily spread, especially on white. Therefore, it is better to use the suggested methods on how to remove rust from fabric.
  • When removing, move from the edge of the stain to the center. When treating the stained area, move the brush or hand from the edges of the stain to its center. This way you will avoid the rust stain spreading throughout the fabric.
  • When removing a rusty stain, wear gloves and turn on the hood or window for ventilation.

Method 1. How to remove rust from clothes using glycerin and chalk

Before removing rust stains, the item must be washed; it is advisable to use conditioner when washing. After this you need:

  • prepare a mixture (mix 100 g of chalk and 100 ml of glycerin in 60 ml of water);
  • moisten the contaminated area and apply the prepared mixture to the area of ​​fabric with the stain;
  • place the product in a plastic bag for 10-12 hours;
  • dry the fabric at a temperature of 18-20o C;
  • Finally, wash the product using laundry soap.

Method 2. Onion

In order to clean an item with an onion you need:

  • Remove the peel from a medium-sized onion;
  • chop the onion in a meat grinder or coarse grater;
  • mix the resulting mass with 50 ml of glycerin;
  • Cover the contaminated area generously with the mixture;
  • after 3 hours, remove the mixture and wipe the area with half a lemon cut lengthwise;
  • Rinse the product thoroughly and then wash it in a washing machine.
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This interesting way to remove rust stains on clothes can be used to clean even delicate fabrics.

Method 3. Vinegar essence

This is a good way to remove rust from clothes, especially colored ones. To remove rust stains, you can safely use vinegar essence, since vinegar does not harm dyed fabrics. To prepare a cleaning solution, take 4 liters of water and dissolve 100 ml of vinegar essence with a concentration of 75% in it. Next, immerse the contaminated item in the resulting solution and leave for at least three hours. Then the product must be wrung out and washed without rinsing.

Acetic acid is good at removing rust stains from jeans and colored clothing.

Method 4. Soda and salt

The following method also copes well with stains left by rust: in a small bowl, dissolve 10 g of baking soda, 0.5 cups of coarse salt and 50 g of vinegar in 300 g of water. Immerse the stained areas in this mixture for 1 hour. Next, the product should be rinsed well and washed with laundry soap.

Method 5. Removing stains from white fabrics

A great option for removing rust from white clothes is:

  • stain removers,
  • ammonia,
  • lemon juice and citric acid.

Method 6. Stain remover

Before you begin removing stains, you should carefully read the instructions for use of this product. Usually it is enough to apply the concentrate to the contaminated area and let it absorb (10-15 minutes). Next, wipe the contaminated area with a clean cloth until the stain disappears. If necessary, repeat the procedure. The cleaned item can be machine washed.

Here are stain removers that will help you remove old rust stains. How to remove rust from colored clothes:

  • "Vanish";
  • Amway;
  • "Ace";
  • "Sarma";
  • "Oxy";
  • "Antipyatin."

In any case, when adding stain remover to colored items, make sure that it does not contain chlorine.

How to remove rust from fabric using stain remover:

It is best to use a gel product. They penetrate deeper into the fabric than powder ones and at the same time have a delicate effect on the fabric without destroying it. Cleaning from rust occurs as follows:

  • First, apply a few drops of gel to the stain, scrub it with a brush if necessary.
  • Let the product work - leave it on the stain for the time specified in the instructions, usually 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Wash clothes by hand with powder or laundry soap.
  • If the rust stain remains, repeat the first three steps.

Method 7. Lemon

Lemon works well to remove rust stains on clothes made of white fabric. Boil water in a large container. Fabric with rust stains should be held over steam until it becomes damp. Next, squeeze lemon juice onto the contaminated areas and hold over the steam for a few more minutes. Then the fabric should be rinsed in water at room temperature. Repeat the procedure until the stains disappear completely. Then wash the product.

Method 8. Citric acid

This option is most often used if you don’t know how to remove rust from white clothes. Lemon and citric acid have whitening properties. To clean a stain with lemon, you will need an iron, preferably with a “steam boost” function, and, accordingly, citric acid itself. The sequence of actions is as follows.

  1. Dissolve 35-40 g of citric acid in 100 ml of water.
  2. Soak a small ball of cotton wool wrapped in a clean cotton cloth with the solution and gently wipe the stain.
  3. Place blotting paper under the contaminated area.
  4. Cover the top of the stain with paper as well.
  5. Iron the fabric from the inside out using the steam function.
  6. Wash the product thoroughly by hand, paying special attention to the places where the stain was.

Method 9. Ammonia

Ammonia helps a lot in getting rid of rust on clothes. Moreover, even old rust stains can be removed from white material with ammonia. A cotton swab should be soaked generously in ammonia and the contaminated areas should be thoroughly wiped. When the tampon becomes dirty, change it to a clean one. After removing the stain, the item should be washed with laundry soap. how to get rid of rust on clothes.


How to remove rust stains from clothes

Rust leaves an unsightly red stain on clothes, which is almost impossible to wash off with ordinary powder. Contamination is quickly absorbed into any fabric, making the item unsuitable for further wear. But you shouldn’t throw away your clothes; at home you can remove an unsightly stain using improvised means.

How to Remove Rust from White Clothes

You need to remove stains from white fabrics carefully so that there are no yellow stains left in place of the rust and the item does not turn gray. Try one of the following methods.

  • Bleach. The simplest method is washing with the addition of store-bought bleach or regular white. First pour a small amount of product onto the stain and leave it to soak for 5-6 hours, then wash in the washing machine as usual.
  • Lemon acid. Dissolve 30 grams of citric acid in half a glass of water and heat without letting the liquid boil. While the solution is still hot, pour it onto your clothes and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse under cold water. The procedure can be repeated twice if the rust was not removed the first time.
  • Lemon. Wrap a slice of citrus in a thin cloth or gauze, thoroughly wipe the stain, and then iron the area. If the cleaning was successful, wash the item in the machine; if the result is not ideal, repeat the procedure.
  • Wine acid. Mix a tablespoon of tartaric acid with the same amount of salt and stir. Apply the resulting porridge to the stain and leave it to soak in a warm place, preferably near a window. After the stain disappears, rinse the item under water.
  • Chemical agent. You can remove the stain at home using a commercial product for removing rust from various surfaces. Apply the gel to the stain and rub until foam forms. Rinse the item and see the result. If the stain remains, repeat the procedure. This method is only suitable for natural cotton.

Work with white clothes carefully, having first read the care instructions on the label. Many materials cannot be washed with chlorine-containing products, which are harmful to delicate fabrics. When working with these ingredients, protect your skin by using protective gloves.

Removing stains from colored clothing

Working with colored fabrics is no less difficult. An incorrectly selected detergent leads to fading of the material, the clothes become dull and unsightly. Let's look at the safest and most gentle ways to remove rust from colored items.

  • Glycerol. Mix chalk and glycerin crushed to crumbs in equal proportions and mix well. You should end up with a paste, which you apply to the stain and leave to soak for a day. After a day, the rust will completely disappear.
  • Acetic acid. When using acetic acid, you do not have to worry about the safety of the colors on your clothes. The essence makes the item brighter without destroying the fabric structure. For home dry cleaning, this is an ideal way to remove rust from any material. Mix 5 liters of warm water and 4 tablespoons of acid, soak clothes for 12-15 hours, then wash as usual. Don't forget to put on gloves before starting work!
  • Laundry soap. Grate the laundry soap and dilute some of it with a small amount of water until you get a paste. Apply the resulting mixture to the stain, leave to soak for 12 hours, wash in a machine, adding the remaining soap shavings to the powder reservoir.
  • Dishwashing liquid. Apply the liquid gel to fresh stains, rub with your hands and leave to soak for 5 hours, then wash in a machine.

Acid is considered the most effective remedy against red spots. When it comes into contact with contamination, the acid breaks down the rust molecules and dissolves them in water.

It is much easier to remove rust from clothes with fresh stains. Try not to delay washing if you find unsightly stains. If you don’t have the above mentioned products on hand, soak the item in warm water and wash the stain with soap, which will prevent dirt from penetrating into the deeper layers of the fabric.

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How to get rid of rust on clothes using home methods

Rust stains appear for various reasons: a forgotten coin or keys in your pocket, an old swing in the park, drying things on a radiator, with peeling paint. There are many tips on how to remove rust from clothes. This process is difficult and long.

A few recommendations

To get rid of rust on clothes at home, you need to remember the rules:

  1. The stain is removed immediately. Oxidized iron will become more strongly embedded in the material over time.
  2. Do not soak or try to remove rust stains. Under the influence of water they will spread apart, so first remove them.
  3. Dirt on clothes is removed from the edges to the middle. This will prevent the stain from spreading.
  4. When using aggressive substances, acids, be sure to wear gloves to avoid burns. Open the window to avoid poisoning your lungs.

If an expensive item made of elite material has spoiled, it is better to take it to the dry cleaner. The masters will do everything according to the rules with minimal damage. At home, you can quickly ruin a delicate product.


To avoid the question of how to remove rust from clothes, you need to properly care for them:

  • Before washing, remove removable metal parts from the fabric. Cover non-removable elements with clear nail polish.
  • Do not dry things on the radiator, so as not to damage them and the heating element itself.
  • After drying, check whether any moisture remains on the metal parts. There are small gaps between snaps, rivets, buttons and fabric where moisture can get in.
  • Rust will not appear on things if you use a hairdryer after drying to rid areas of the item of water.
  • While walking, carefully inspect benches and swings for rust.

Methods for removing rust stains

How can you remove oxidized iron:

  • acids, products containing them;
  • strong detergents;
  • soda, salt;
  • ready-made stain removers;
  • plumbing products marked “anti-rust”;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • glycerol.

The acid method will help get rid of contamination:

  • add 5 ml of oxalic and acetic acid to a glass of water;
  • heat the solution, place damaged clothes in it;
  • After two hours, take it out and wash it.

Tomato method:

  • cut the tomato in half, thoroughly rub the inside of the clothes;
  • leave until dry;
  • rinse, wash.

You can remove rust stains with toothpaste:

  • squeeze out the paste, drop water into it so that the consistency is more liquid;
  • Apply a thick layer to the dirty area;
  • wash off after 40 minutes.

Rusty marks on jeans can be removed with gel detergent:

  • apply the gel to the damaged part of the jeans, wait 30 minutes;
  • wash with a stiff brush, rub with a thick layer of laundry soap;
  • put it in the washing machine, pour in a lot of powder, set the water temperature to high, and rinse extra.


How to remove from high density fabric:

  • Apply a plumbing cleaner to the rusty stain;
  • leave for a quarter of an hour, rub vigorously with a stiff brush;
  • wash with a large amount of washing powder;
  • To eliminate the unpleasant odor, rinse it many times and hang it on the balcony/street.

The plumbing product removes even old stains.

You can remove rust from tulle like this:

  • dilute bleach or bleach in water;
  • soak for the time required to completely remove the stain;
  • wash as usual.

An easier way is to moisten the curtain with undiluted hydrogen peroxide. After the stain disappears, wash.

How to remove dirt from a jacket:

  • drop a little special anti-rust agent onto a cotton pad;
  • rub for a few minutes;
  • wash the jacket in the machine.

Stain removers

In order not to bother with folk remedies, use rust stain removers. Products with chlorine are suitable for white items made of cotton or very thick synthetics.

For delicate fabrics - silk, chiffon, products with a high oxygen content are suitable. They should be marked “for delicate fabrics.” It is convenient to use gel products; they penetrate into the fiber better than powder and are not as aggressive.

How to remove rust with stain remover:

  • drop a little liquid onto the material and, if desired, rub lightly with a brush;
  • leave for 10-15 minutes (usually this is written in the instructions);
  • Wash by hand with regular powder.

If it doesn’t help, repeat all the steps.

Lemon methods

Recipe No. 1:

  • stretch the material over a container of boiling water;
  • pour lemon juice on top of the stain;
  • leave for 5 minutes, rinse;
  • if necessary, repeat.

To remove stains from thin fabric, shirts or T-shirts:

  • soak the material with lemon juice;
  • leave for a quarter of an hour, wash.

From thick fabric:

  • Apply juice to the contaminated area and place a napkin on top;
  • warm up with a hairdryer/iron.

How to remove rust from white clothes

There are several ways to remove rust from such things. I have almost all the ingredients at home.

How to remove rust from white clothes

Recipe with vinegar:

  • in a container, combine 250 ml of water and 30 ml of 70% vinegar;
  • heat the liquid to 65 degrees;
  • place the product on the soiled area for 5 minutes;
  • dissolve a tablespoon of ammonia in two liters of clean water;
  • rinse the fabric and wash as usual.

Ammonia is needed to neutralize the acid.

You can clean dirt from white material using a slice of lemon:

  • wrap it in gauze and place it on the stain;
  • iron with a hot iron;
  • soak a piece of cloth in peroxide, remove the lemon, and wipe the material.

Second way:

  • moisten the contaminated area with lemon juice;
  • sprinkle with salt, put in the sun;
  • leave until dry.

You can remove rust marks using wine vinegar:

  • combine regular salt and wine vinegar in equal proportions;
  • spread the pulp on the material, stretch it, put it in the sun;
  • After an hour, rinse in clean water and wash.

With homemade bleach:

  • pour 30 ml of oxalic acid and a large spoon of soda into a glass of water;
  • Stir well, moisten the problematic part of the canvas generously;
  • leave for a quarter of an hour, wash.

Do not try to remove rust stains with hydrochloric acid. It is not commercially available, and you can easily get poisoned or burned.

For colored things

In this case, the use of bleaches, aggressive agents, and strong acids is not allowed.

Recipe with chalk:

  • Grind a piece of white chalk into powder;
  • combine in equal parts with glycerin and water;
  • Apply the composition to the affected area, leave for a day;
  • Rinse off excess product under the tap and wash as usual.

Citric acid removes rust, leaving a bright color:

  • dissolve a spoonful of acid in a glass of warm water;
  • soak the stained area for a quarter of an hour;
  • wash the product in a machine.


Dish gel and glycerin:

  • combine a tablespoon of both products;
  • thoroughly soak the rust stain and leave for several hours;
  • rinse with running water and put in the wash.

If a couple of hours is not enough, you can leave this product for a day.

You can remove rust from colored clothes in the following way:

  • Dissolve 5 tablespoons of vinegar essence in 6 liters of water;
  • soak the product in liquid for 12 hours;
  • hand wash with laundry soap or stain remover in the washing machine.

Other situations

How to wash clothes from rusty water:

  • Next time, carefully monitor what kind of water is in the tap;
  • wash white items using bleach;
  • for colored clothes, add stain remover, use more powder and conditioner than usual;
  • Before washing, soak in a solution of oxalic or acetic acid; delicate, colored fabrics - in a solution of citric acid.

What to do if the washing machine leaves rusty stains on clothes:

  • install the filter on cold water;
  • disassemble the car, see if there are bra wires, pins, bolts, nuts inside - all this gets inside, rusts from humidity, dirty the water that goes into the drum;
  • Before each wash, open the cold water tap and carefully check its color.

The zipper on the outerwear has oxidized, how to clean it:

  • take a toothbrush or a hard cloth and soak it in Coca-Cola;
  • clean the zipper open and closed on all sides to remove rust everywhere;
  • rinse in clean water.

You can get rid of a rusty stain on a carpet using a concentrated solution of laundry soap and a soft dish sponge.

In order not to wonder whether rust can be washed off, you need to carefully monitor things. This is not an easy task, sometimes almost impossible. It is better to prevent stains from appearing.




How to remove rust from clothes at home: 11 ways

If you have stained your favorite things, then it makes sense to consider how to remove rust from clothes. For use at home, improvised means are used. Please share your results in the comments.

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Universal ways to remove rust from clothes

The methods listed below help both remove rust from white clothes and colored fabrics. Before using the selected composition at home, do a test on an invisible area of ​​the item. If the fabric has not changed color, use a rust remover.

No. 1. Lemon juice

1. Squeeze the juice from the citrus, filter to remove pulp particles. Wet the stain generously with fresh juice and rub in. Place a paper towel over the stain and run a heated iron over it.

2. Remove the soiled napkin and replace it with a new one. Heat it again with the iron. Finally, wash with powder.

3. It is important to know that when processing delicate materials, the impact of an iron can have a detrimental effect on the fabric. So just soak the rust in lemon juice for 15 minutes, then wash the item.

No. 2. Tartaric acid with salt

1. Combine table salt and tartaric acid to form a paste. Lubricate the rusty mark with this product.

2. Place a plate under the stain and leave the item under direct ultraviolet rays.

3. Over time, the contamination will become faded and then completely disappear. When this happens, do a basic machine wash.

No. 3. Glycerin and detergent

1. Since it is difficult to remove rust from delicate clothes, we recommend using this recipe at home.

2. So, combine dish detergent with glycerin, taking an equal ratio of components.

3. Apply to the mark and rub in. Wait for about 2-3 hours, then do your usual wash.

No. 4. Salt and vinegar

1. This option helps equally to get rid of rust on clothes made of cotton, as well as denim, linen and other fabrics that react normally to salt.

2. Combine the listed ingredients to obtain a paste mixture. Distribute it over the contaminated area and wait for 2-3 hours. After the allotted time, rinse the product.

No. 5. Acetic and oxalic acids

1. This product effectively helps both remove old rust from clothes and eliminate recently acquired stains at home.

2. Combine oxalic and acetic acids in equal quantities, taking 5 grams of each ingredient. Add the acid mixture to 250 ml. water.

3. Warm up the resulting solution, treat the items and leave for at least 3 hours. Next, proceed with normal washing.

No. 6. Toothpaste

1. Since light (recent) rust can be removed from clothes with toothpaste, you can consider this option at home.

2. Use white paste without granules. Distribute it over the stained area, let it dry, and clean it with a brush.

No. 7. Vinegar

1. On an industrial scale, vinegar is used for the final processing of products made from colored materials, because it acts as a color maintenance agent.

2. If you need to get rid of rust on colored items, soak the stain with vinegar. Blot with napkins and repeat.

3. Finally, make a solution of 10 liters. water and 100 ml. vinegar. Dip the item into this mixture and let it soak for at least 9 hours. Then rinse.

No. 8. Chalk with glycerin

1. Another option for removing rust from colored and delicate items. Turn the chalk into dust, pour in some glycerin and water.

2. Spread the paste-like mixture over the rusty mark and rub in. Wait 8-10 hours, then wash normally.

Removing rust from white clothes

To understand how to remove rust from clothes, you can use proven folk remedies at home.

No. 1. Limonka

1. Displace 120 ml. cool water and 25 gr. citric acid. Heat the liquid in an enamel pan until almost boiling. Place clothes in the solution and wait about 6 minutes.

2. If the result does not quite live up to expectations, the procedure can be repeated if necessary. After all the manipulations, rinse the clothes in cold water.

No. 2. Hydrochloric acid

1. Since rust stains can be removed from white clothes in various ways, in this case it is recommended to use a 2% solution of hydrochloric acid.

2. Place the item in the liquid and wait for the contamination to completely disappear. At the same time, you need to make a solution of 1 liter. water and 90 ml. ammonia. The item should be rinsed with this mixture.

No. 3. Plumbing rust remover

1. If none of the remedies previously helped, and you don’t know how to remove rust from white clothes, it is recommended to resort to more radical measures.

2. Please note that the chemical composition is only suitable for cotton. Soak a clean rag in the solution and begin scrubbing the contaminated area. A thick foam should form. Wash the item.

Practical recommendations

1. Since it is easiest to remove fresh rust from clothes, you should not delay cleaning things at home. This is the easiest way to get rid of the stain.

2. Do not wet rusty stains with water; the problem is that such contamination becomes more persistent. So do your best before washing.

3. Before removing rust from clothes, be sure to use gloves if you use acidic compounds. Don't forget to open the windows wide.

4. Always clean your clothing to remove any additional contaminants before removing stains.

5. Remember that before cleaning things, it is recommended to test any composition on an invisible part of the product.

There are enough ways to cope with the task. Consider the most popular options and choose the one that suits you. To avoid additional problems, follow these practical tips.


Removing rust stains from white and colored clothes

Each of us has noticed red stains on our clothes at least once. This is a complex type of stain, since it cannot be washed off with ordinary soap or powder. Some housewives, in despair, throw their laundry in the trash. However, it is possible to remove rust if you use some effective methods and products.

Why does rust appear on clothes?

Rusty marks on things do not appear on their own; there is always one or more reasons for this:

  1. Drying on metal batteries. When it comes into contact with a wet item, the metal rusts, and hard-to-remove stains remain on the fabric, especially light colors.
  2. Change forgotten in pockets. Before washing, you should always carefully check your pockets and remove everything from them. Forgotten coins, pins, badges and other metal objects contribute to the appearance of rust.
  3. The presence of metal accessories (buttons, rivets, clasps, etc.) also leads to the appearance of stains. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy snow-white items with such details; they will be difficult to wash. It is better to dry clean such items.
  4. Contact of wet things with metal. As in the case of a battery, a rusty mark may remain from a bench, door or pole in rainy weather.

Rules for treating stains

Removing rust stains is a rather long and complicated procedure, so it’s worth knowing some tips to make it easier:

  • Contamination must be removed immediately after it appears. The more time passes from the moment the metal and fabric interact, the more difficult it is to wash it.
  • There is no need to soak stains of this type; contact with water will only make them larger.
  • The stain should be rubbed from the edges to the center so that it does not increase in size.
  • Stain removers should be applied to the reverse side, having first tested the method on an inconspicuous area.
  • After removing the stain, clothing should not be rinsed in hot water.
  • We must not forget about safety precautions: be sure to wear gloves (if necessary, a protective mask), ventilate the room.

Attention! If traces of rust appear on delicate materials (wool, silk, satin), do not try to wash them at home. Take your clothes to the dry cleaner.

Washing white fabrics

To remove rust from white clothes efficiently, with a minimum of effort, you need to know the type of fabric. In addition, it is worth considering that the laundry may turn gray or yellow; it is important to prevent such an outcome.

Made from natural fabrics

It is much easier to remove rust from white clothes made from natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, viscose and others than from delicate materials.
You can safely use acids and chlorine. It is much easier to save clothes if little time has passed since the moment of contamination, no more than 60 minutes.

You can remove fresh rust stains in the following ways:

  1. Immerse the fabric in a solution of lemon juice in cold water (2:1) for 40 minutes. If traces of rust remain after this, soak for another 15-20 minutes.
  2. Rub the stain with lemon, then treat with peroxide.
  3. Mix liquid soap with glycerin (1:1). Apply the solution to the stain for 30 minutes.

After using any of the recipes, clothes should be washed in warm water and soap.

There are other ways to remove rust that will work if the stain has remained on the laundry for several hours or days:

  1. Oxalic acid. Acid and water must be mixed based on the calculation of 1 tsp. active ingredient per 1 tbsp. liquids. The resulting solution must be heated so that it is very warm, and then soak the laundry in it for half an hour.
  2. Lemon juice. You should soak a cotton swab in it and rub the stain, then iron the item, first turning it inside out and placing a cotton cloth on top. Under the influence of high temperatures, rust will transfer to the fabric.
  3. Wine vinegar and citric acid. They need to be mixed in equal proportions, applied to the contaminated area and left in direct sunlight for a couple of hours.
  4. Ammonia. This substance can remove almost any stain, rust is no exception. You need to moisten a cotton swab with ammonia and rub the dirt, after 15 minutes wash the clothes. The only disadvantage of this method is the pungent odor, so cleaning should be carried out by ventilating the room.
  5. Chlorine bleach will help remove rust from white cotton fabric. Before use, you should study the care instructions on the label and find out whether it is possible to use aggressive agents. If there are no prohibitions, feel free to soak the item in the solution for 10-15 minutes.

Made from synthetics and delicate fabrics

Synthetic and delicate fabrics require very careful handling. They do not tolerate acids and alcohols, so you can remove rust only with the help of non-aggressive folk remedies.

Here are some ways:

  1. Glycerin, toothpaste and water. They need to be taken in equal quantities, applied to the laundry, and washed after 10-12 hours.
  2. Soak contaminated clothing in a weak solution of citric acid for half an hour.
  3. Dirt from white can be easily removed with stain removers. It is necessary that they are chlorine-free.

Methods for colored fabrics

Not all methods suitable for washing light-colored materials can remove rust from colored clothing. So, you cannot use bleaches and products containing chlorine, otherwise the fabric may lose its brightness. High temperatures also contribute to the molting of things.

Traditional methods will help remove rust stains:

  1. Equal parts of glycerin and chalk are mixed and applied to the stain. When the laundry is completely dry, you need to wash it.
  2. Dilute citric acid in water to medium concentration, soak the required area in the resulting liquid for 20-30 minutes. After this, the rust can be removed using regular washing.
  3. There is a method that will not only cope with complex stains, but will also restore and fix the bright color of a blouse or sweater. 5 tbsp. l. vinegar mixed with 5 liters of water, soak clothes in the liquid for 6-7 hours, wash.
  4. All kinds of stain removers also help to remove rust stains, but it is worth remembering that the chosen product is suitable for the type and color of the material.

How to remove rust from jeans?

Jeans is not a very picky fabric, it is quite dense, so you can clean it using any of the methods mentioned above, it will not lose quality.

Acids are the most effective way to remove rust stains. By reacting with rust, they decompose it into simple components that are easily removed from the fabric.

You can use citric acid or tartaric acid. Pour a small amount onto the stain, and then dry this area with hot air or steam: hair dryer, steamer, iron. In the latter case, you need to put fabric on top. After this, wash the jeans by hand and then in the washing machine.

You can also use a mixture of acetic and oxalic acids. Procedure:

  1. Measure the acids in equal parts and dissolve in water (25 ml of each per 1 liter of water).
  2. Heat the solution.
  3. Soak clothes in it for the whole day or night.
  4. Rinse in water with the addition of ammonia (2 tablespoons per 5 liters) and wash in the washing machine.

The result is especially noticeable after using cleaning products for plumbing. They contain acids that remove rust from denim in a few minutes.

Stain removers can also effectively remove stains; they do the job well. But you shouldn’t use bleach: the product may lose color.

Special anti-rust products

The choice of a professional product is influenced by factors such as the type and color of the material. So, for white things, bleach is good, for colored things - a stain remover, preferably in the form of a gel. Delicate fabrics require more careful care, which can be provided by an oxygen stain remover. It is necessary to apply the selected product after reading the instructions on the package.

Household chemicals for removing rust from sinks and pipes work well against rust. However, they are only suitable for the densest and most picky fabrics.

Attention! Before use, test household chemicals, especially those containing chlorine, on a small area of ​​fabric. If there is no negative reaction, you can safely use the product. Remember to ventilate the area when using such substances, and wear gloves and a mask.

Preventing rust stains

To avoid having to look for ways to remove rust stains, you should properly care for your clothes. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  1. You should not dry things on the radiator, so both the laundry and the heating medium will not be damaged.
  2. Check for moisture on metal parts after washing. If there is one, you need to dry them dry. You can use a hairdryer for this.
  3. All removable metal elements should be removed from clothing. Accessories that cannot be removed should be coated with clear nail polish.
  4. Pockets must be checked and emptied before washing. This will help save not only the clothes and things inside them, but also the washing machine.
  5. You should carefully inspect metal benches, swings and other seats that may have rust before sitting on them.
  6. You should not try to remove this type of stain with hydrochloric acid. There are better products for removing stains, but this acid can cause serious damage to skin and fabric.

Removing rust stains from white and colored clothes Link to main publication


How to remove rust from clothes at home: effective methods and means

During wear, various contaminants inevitably appear on clothes. If it is quite easy to wipe dirt stains from fabric, then removing rust is a rather difficult task. Having decided to remove rust stains from your favorite item at home, you need to first find out what material it is made of.

Traces of rust from artificial and natural fabrics, from white and multi-colored materials are removed in different ways. You should study recommendations for the use of certain methods for removing such contaminants. If you ignore them, you can irrevocably ruin your favorite shirt or expensive dress.

Where do rust stains appear on clothes?

Such stains can appear on clothing under different circumstances. However, most often this problem arises due to the fault of the owner of the item. This problem can occur if one of the following factors is present:

  • Drying washed items on rusty radiators or other heating devices. This is one of the most common causes of characteristic reddish-brown stains on clothing.
  • Washing items containing metal objects. This could be coins, pins, paper clips or jewelry forgotten in pockets. Cheap products often have fittings made of low-quality metal, which rusts at the slightest contact with water. In this case, the appearance of rusty stains on the fabric is inevitable.
  • Ride a child on an iron swing, carousel or slide. Playground equipment for children's playgrounds is rarely put in order in a timely manner, so rusty areas can always be found on it. If clothing comes into contact with unpainted areas, it can easily become dirty.
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How to remove rust from the surface of fabric?

Removing rust stains is not so easy, but removing deeply ingrained and old rust is even more difficult. In order not to lose your favorite stained item, it is not recommended to delay removing such stains for too long. The methods by which you can remove rust marks from items made of natural fabric (cotton, silk, wool) differ from the methods of getting rid of similar stains from clothes made from artificial and synthetic fabrics.

Cleaning clothes made from natural fabrics: cotton, silk, wool

If reddish-brown stains appear on clothes made of cotton, natural silk or wool, it is recommended to remove it using oxalic acid and soda, tartaric acid and salt, or hydrochloric acid and ammonia. Detailed information on how to properly prepare and use the listed products is presented in the table:

Oxalic acid

Main Ingredients Preparing the Cleanser Applying a Cleaning Solution
Oxalic acid, soda Dilute 1 tsp. acid in 200 ml water Apply the slightly heated mixture to the stained area. After 15–20 minutes, sprinkle the treated area with baking soda and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wash the item in the manner recommended by the manufacturer.
Tartaric acid, salt Mix acid, salt and water in a ratio of 1:1:2. Apply the mixture to the stain. After the treated area has completely dried, wash the product.
2% hydrochloric acid, ammonia Dilute 3 tbsp. l. ammonia in 1 liter of water Apply acid to the stained area generously. After the stain has completely disappeared, rinse the product in ammonia solution.
Oxalic acid, vinegar Mix the ingredients in equal parts and dilute in 200 ml of water. Wet the contaminated area with a solution heated to 60 degrees. After 3-4 hours, rinse the product with 3 tbsp diluted in 1 liter of water. l. ammonia.
Sodium hydrosulfite Dilute 1 tsp. hydrosulfite in 200 ml of water Treat the contaminated area with a solution preheated to 60 degrees. After 15–20 minutes, rinse and then wash the product in any convenient way.

When applying these methods, several points need to be taken into account:

  • Most methods are ineffective against old contaminants. With their help, only fresh stains are removed.
  • The higher the concentration of acid in the solution, the more effectively the cleanser based on it works. However, there is a high risk of corroding the fabric fibers.
  • Only clothes made of durable materials (cotton, wool) can be treated with a mixture of oxalic acid and vinegar.

How to remove rust from artificial and synthetic items?

Rust stains on fabric

This kind of contamination must be removed from artificial and synthetic fabrics (for example, tulle or chiffon) with extreme caution, since they are afraid of aggressive agents.

You can get rid of this kind of stains on things made of artificial and synthetic fabrics using glycerin and chalk, table vinegar and ammonia, lemon, etc. Detailed information on how to prepare and use the listed cleaning agents is presented in the table.

Main components Preparing the Cleanser Applying a Cleaning Solution
Glycerin, chalk Mix equal parts glycerin and powdered chalk. Dilute the resulting mass with so much water that the solution acquires the consistency of sour cream. Apply the mixture liberally to the contaminated area. After 12 hours, wash off the dried mass with detergent.
Glycerin, dishwashing detergent Mix glycerin and dishwashing liquid in a 1:1 ratio. Dilute the resulting mixture with water to the consistency of sour cream.
Toothpaste Not required Treat the work area with paste. After it has completely dried, wash the product in any usual way.
Vinegar, ammonia Mix liquids in equal proportions Apply the solution to the contaminated area. After 30 minutes, rinse the product in clean water.
Lemon juice Squeeze juice from lemon Moisten the rust stain generously with juice. After 15–20 minutes, wash the item.

When using these tools, it is necessary to take into account a number of recommendations:

  • Use white chalk. Colored chalk may leave marks on light-colored clothing.
  • When cleaning colored clothes, use toothpaste without a whitening effect. It is better if it does not contain multi-colored crystals.
  • Lemon juice works better with additional heat. If the fabric is not afraid of high temperatures, after applying the juice to the contaminated area, you can cover this area with a clean napkin and warm it up for 2-3 minutes with a hot hairdryer.

If none of the listed remedies helped return your favorite item to its original appearance or there are doubts about their safety for delicate fabrics, it is recommended to use dry cleaning services. Special chemical compounds and extensive experience in working with various contaminants will help to effectively clean the product from rust stains.

Products for removing red stains from white and colored items

Detailed instructions for preparing and using compositions for removing rust stains from white and colored fabrics are presented in the table:

Rust removal Main ingredients Preparing the Cleanser Using Cleaning Solution
From white things Lemon acid Dilute 20 g of powder in 100 ml of water Apply the slightly heated mixture to the contaminated area. After complete drying, wash the product in the manner recommended by the manufacturer.
Household products to combat rust on plumbing fixtures Not required Apply the gel to the stain, rub and wash the item.
2% sulfuric acid, ammonia See section “Cleaning clothes made from natural fabrics: cotton, silk, wool”
Tartaric acid, salt
Hydrogen peroxide Not required Apply peroxide to the contaminated area. After 40 minutes, wash the item.
From colored things Vinegar Mix 5 tbsp. l. vinegar and 7 tbsp. l. warm water Soak soiled clothes in the resulting solution overnight. In the morning, rinse it thoroughly.
Freshly squeezed tomato juice Extract juice from tomatoes Apply liquid to the contaminated area. After 20–30 minutes, wash the product in any convenient way, after rinsing it first.
Coal, kerosene Mix powdered coal with purified kerosene in such a proportion that the resulting mixture has the consistency of sour cream. Apply the mixture to the stained area. After 10–15 minutes, shake off the dried product and wash the item.

When applying these methods, you need to take into account a number of recommendations:

  • Use household products for removing rust from plumbing fixtures only to remove stains of this kind from plain cotton items. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves when working with such aggressive solutions. This method is risky. When using it, you need to take into account that the product can ruin the item. It is worth testing it on an inconspicuous area of ​​the product.
  • An aqueous solution of vinegar is not recommended for use when working with delicate materials (silk, chiffon).
  • Use a mixture of coal and kerosene to remove rust stains only from dark wool or cotton fabric. This should be done wearing rubber gloves, a respirator, away from sources of fire and in a well-ventilated area.

How to prevent rust on clothes?

So that you don’t have to look for ways to clean rusty stains from your favorite item, you need to take precautions to avoid the occurrence of this kind of contamination. To do this, you need to follow a number of recommendations:

  • Before placing the product in the washing machine, check for foreign objects in the pockets. Keys and paper clips can not only leave characteristic brownish stains on clothes, but also tear them during the washing process.
  • Do not buy low-quality outerwear. Often the low price of a product is due to the use of low-quality metal fittings in the manufacture, which can rust when in contact with water.
  • Do not dry things on radiators that have unpainted areas. Also, do not hang wet clothes on a metal drying rack that has chips or other defects.
  • Do not allow your child to use rusty items in the outdoor playground. As a last resort, it is recommended to dress the baby in old clothes that you won’t mind throwing away if damaged.


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In such a situation, household chemicals come to the rescue. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of different products. Among them there are those that are intended for specific purposes: washing glass, cleaning carpets, cleaning the bathroom. There are also universal ones that allow you to clean stoves, sinks, tiles and other surfaces. By choosing a product that meets all the necessary requirements, you can significantly facilitate and speed up the cleaning process.

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Rust removal methods

If, after washing, unsightly brown marks are found on things, then questions immediately arise: how to remove rust stains on clothes, is it possible to wash it without damaging the fabric? This is true for both snow-white and colored products.

The modern chemical industry produces a lot of bleaches and stain removers, and it seems that it is very easy to find something to remove a rust stain. However, these remedies are often unable to cope with such problems. All ready-made products contain bleach, and therefore they can only be used on white fabric, while colored ones, after the dirt has been removed, can change shade.

Most modern products can remove rust only on fresh stains, but they do not work on old ones. But in any household, as a rule, there are various substances that will help remove rust from clothes at home.

Removing rust from white clothes

If white items are damaged, the task becomes more difficult. After all, in addition to removing dirt on white clothes, you should take care that the fabric itself does not lose color and does not turn yellow or gray. Before you remove rust from white clothes, you should make sure that you have the following components in the house and learn how to use them:

Lemon acid. It will help remove traces of rust from white clothes. It is used in a solution with cold water (20 g per half glass), which is poured into an enamel bowl and brought almost to a boil. The soiled piece of fabric is placed in the solution for 5 minutes, if necessary, the time can be increased, then it is better to rinse the item in running water.

Special chemicals. As a rule, these are household chemicals that can also be used to remove stains from white cotton clothes. We wet the rusty area with the product, clean it until foam forms, rinse under running clean water, then wash the clothes in the usual way.

Hydrochloric acid 2% This is another method to remove rust from white fabric. You need to wet the rusty stain with it and wait until it turns pale. Then you should rinse the cleaned fragment of the product in a solution, which is made by adding 3 tbsp. l. ammonia in 1 liter of water.


How to remove rust from clothes - effective ways

No one is immune from stains on clothes: a car splashed, wine or coffee spilled, or you didn’t notice the inscription: “Caution, stained!” and a thousand and one more reasons force people to buy various stain removers.

Some stains can be easily washed off with ordinary laundry soap, while others are practically beyond the reach of modern means. Rust is one of the most difficult stains to remove! We decided that every housewife simply must know how to remove rust from clothes.

Read useful tips in our new article!

First, let's understand where these ugly reddish-brown stains on fabrics come from.

Drying things on heating radiators. Batteries are not always perfectly painted, and when wet clothing touches bare metal, nasty rust will form.

There were metal objects left in the pockets. Coins, jewelry and pins not removed from pockets before washing in the machine may react with water and leave yellow stains.

Iron swings, benches and slides. Children's playgrounds usually have metal carousels that children rub against and, as a result, come home with clothes stained with rust.

Metal decor. Rust from rivets, chains and buttons on clothing can also transfer into the fabric.

How to remove rust from clothes

The technology for removing rust marks from things differs depending on whether the clothes are white or colored. It is important to remove red stains from snow-white fabrics so that the color does not turn yellow or grey. Brightly colored fabrics require even more difficult cleaning.

How to remove rust from white clothes

Lemon acid

Mix 20 g of acid and half a glass of water in an enamel bowl. Mix well and bring the solution to a boil. Next, place the contaminated items in the container and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse in cold water. Repeat the procedure until the stain disappears.

Hydrochloric acid

You will need a 2% acid solution. Just dip the soiled part of your clothing into it and wait for the stain to disappear. Meanwhile, combine 3 tbsp. ammonia and 1 liter of water to rinse already cleaned clothes in the solution.

Wine acid

Dilute the acid and salt in a 1:1 ratio. Dilute the resulting slurry a little with water and lubricate the rusty stain with it. Place the affected area in a deep plate and place it so that the sun's rays fall on it. When the yellowness disappears, rinse the item in water and then wash it.

Rust remover with plumbing cleaner

Suitable only for white cotton material. Moisten the area with contamination and lather with the product. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly and wash. This method works great even on old stains!

How to remove rust from colored clothes

Acetic acid

It perfectly fixes dyes and is even used for dyeing fabrics. Pour 5 tablespoons of acetic acid into 5 liters of warm water and place the item you want to restore there. Soak for 12 hours, this will allow you to wash off the red stain quite easily.


Combine chalk with glycerin in equal proportions and dilute with water to obtain a sour cream consistency. Apply the mixture to the area with rust and leave for a day. Then wash the item and, voila!

There are other tricks on how to remove rust from clothes with your own hands. Here are some of them. It's likely that your grandmother used them.


If you don't have anything else at hand, you can try to get rid of the stain using toothpaste. Mix it with a small amount of water and apply a thick layer on the brownish stain. After 40 minutes, wash it off and hope for the best!

Lemon juice

Squeeze the juice from the lemon and dampen the dirt with a sponge. Cover the stain with a paper towel and iron it. Repeat the procedure if necessary. After this, wash the product.

Salt and vinegar

An effective product for removing rust from jeans. Mix vinegar and salt until mushy, spread on the stain and leave for 8-12 hours. Rinse and wash the item well.

Dishwashing liquid

Recommended for delicate fabrics. Combine glycerin and detergent in equal proportions. Treat the stain with the resulting composition and forget about the item for 8 hours. Then rinse and wash as usual.

Tips for those who decide to remove rust using one of the above methods

  • Try to get rid of the stain as quickly as possible, then the result will not take long to wait.
  • Don't wash anything with rust. Contact with water will make the situation worse. If you don’t have time to remove the yellowness now, leave the dirty product until the right moment.
  • When working with acid, wear gloves and open the windows in the room.
  • Before working with any product, test the reaction on an inconspicuous area of ​​fabric.
  • Rust responds well to acids: acetic, citric and others. They corrode rust into components and perfectly remove it from fabrics. Take note.
  • If all else fails, contact a dry cleaning professional.


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