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We sell magnetic tag remover for clothes!

Unfortunately, human nature is such that in any place there are people who want to profit from other people's goods. As a rule, goods in supermarkets and other self-service stores, pharmacies, wholesale outlets, books and documents in libraries become easy prey for criminals. If the administration of a retail establishment or other institution does not take timely measures to protect against theft, then its owner (or working team) will face considerable losses.

Illegal attempts to appropriate someone else's property can and should be suppressed. And one of the effective ways to combat theft is to install special magnetic sensors, popularly called “anti-theft”. The main addition to such a device is a magnetic tag remover, which our company sells.

Actions of magnetic protection systems

It’s simple - any product, be it shoes, underwear or outerwear, toys, underwear, etc., is equipped with a special hard tag that acts as protection. When paying for a purchase at the checkout, the tag is removed by the seller using a magnetic sensor remover. The cashier brings the magnetic tag close to the puller, and it automatically unlocks.

At the exit, all buyers are expected to pass through a special magnetic frame (arch, gate), and it gives a signal that the tag has not been removed from the product, therefore, the attacker is trying to take the item he liked out of the retail space without paying for it. The signal attracts the attention of security guards at the retail outlet, and the suspicious buyer will be subjected to inspection.

In order to somehow break or deactivate the protective sensor, it is necessary to bring a magnet of enormous power into the room. But in this case, the input frame will again work, and the attempt will be stopped at the initial stage. It is also not possible to physically open the security magnets, since their developers have carefully worked out all possible options for hacking tags. In addition, hacking enthusiasts can expect trouble in the form of a can of spray paint inside the magnet.

Where else, besides stores, can anti-theft systems be used? In pharmacies with partial self-service, in public libraries, sometimes in banks, to protect valuables in personal safe deposit boxes.

Rarely, but there are still cases when business managers use magnetic systems to prevent theft of personal belongings of employees. Any clothing or bag has a tag attached to it (like in a store), which the owner can remove at the exit, in front of the frame. If a stranger takes possession of the item, the magnet will not be removed, and, therefore, the sensor will work at the output. In this case, a magnetic clothes remover is a necessary purchase, and you can buy it from us.

Types of magnetic tags

Depending on the appearance and, first of all, on the principle of operation, magnetic sensors are as follows:

  • in the form of flexible labels, such protection is used for small-sized goods, it is very difficult to remove, and works even when cut;
  • in the form of radio frequency plates, the sensor will work at the output radar gate, as it is tuned to a certain frequency (8 MHz);
  • a sensor with springs, operating on an acoustic-magnetic principle, both ends of the spring are equipped with metal balls; when trying to remove them manually, additional protection is triggered - the magnet slams harder, and neon paint spills onto the item from the sensor;
  • Electromagnetic sensors are the most commonly used because they have a large coverage area and the maximum degree of protection.

Buy magnetic pullers from our company

Magnetic pullers, like sensors, are classified depending on their operating principle. Each type of magnetic sensor has its own system, but there are also multifunctional systems that can operate with different types of sensors.

In addition, deactivators can be automatic (unlocking occurs in automatic mode), mechanical (a little effort is required) or magnetic.

We offer to buy a magnetic tag remover in our company, since our models are the optimal solution for any retail outlet and have a number of advantages:

  • they are compact, their presence at the seller’s or cashier’s workplace will not interfere with their work;
  • our pullers are easy to install and, if necessary, also easy to dismantle; no power connection is required;
  • they are easy to use and do not require special skills to work with them;
  • our pullers provide maximum protection for your goods and belongings;
  • If desired, the system can be either stationary or portable, depending on operating conditions.
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Our experts recommend buying a universal type magnetic puller. Such systems operate on the basis of the most powerful magnets; in addition, they are capable of unlocking sensors of any type and complexity. If you have in your arsenal a multifunctional system for unlocking security systems, it will not matter to you whether the magnetic protection is from which manufacturer you are looking at - domestic or foreign.

All types of pullers from our company have properties that are pleasant for buyers, namely reasonable prices and excellent quality, which you can easily verify.


9 unexpected things that are a money magnet

magnet for things

According to ancient Chinese teaching, each thing has its own energy - positive, negative and even monetary.

It is rightfully considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity. The smell of this plant improves mood, helps to cope with depression and apathy, and the fruits are certainly associated with gold. It is important to remember that only healthy and well-groomed plants exude positive energy. If you do not water or wipe the flowers, then it is better not to have them at all. Dead plants attract negativity, so they should be thrown away immediately.

Money Tree

Perhaps the most common plant today, symbolizing prosperity. The name itself encourages you to plant at least a shoot at home. For the Chinese, Crassula (another name for the plant) is the most important symbol of good luck and wealth, and therefore is invariably present in every home. According to Feng Shui, it should be located in the southeastern part of the home - this is the so-called money zone.

The tree grows small, but requires constant care. It is important to properly form the plant even at the sprouting stage and provide access to sunlight. Sometimes the money tree is decorated with banknotes that enhance its energy properties.

Date palm and willow

These plants can protect the home from negative energy, as well as attract success and prosperity. The Chinese believe that the date palm becomes a money talisman only if it was grown independently from a seed. So there is no point in buying a large plant grown by someone else.

The positive energy of the willow will spread throughout the house, even if you bring only a couple of branches. They must be placed in a vase in the corner of the room. Willow will delight both the eye and the soul, and this is a direct path to finding harmony.

Change wallet

Much has been said about caring for money in the Russian tradition. Let us remember the sayings “a penny saves a ruble” or “money loves a count.” The meaning of Russian proverbs about money is to take care of existing savings. Eastern teaching also speaks of the need to monitor money.

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Coins are of particular importance here. They should be stored in a special red wallet, separate from paper bills. It is believed that if a person counts coins and does not throw them anywhere, they will multiply, and a red wallet will certainly lead its owner to wealth.

Figurine of a toad with a coin

The toad is one of the strongest symbols in Chinese philosophy, and not only monetary. The frog is considered the guardian of the hearth, protects health, facilitates the conclusion of profitable deals and maintains an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the house.

There are many varieties of this amulet. When choosing, it is important to consider the size of the figurine relative to the area of ​​the house. The larger the house, the larger the toad should be. There must be a coin or a hole in the talisman’s mouth for your own lucky money. By the way, the larger the bill in the toad’s mouth, the stronger the talisman will be.

It is desirable that the toad be made of natural material. Color – green or golden. There must be red stones in the eyes - this enhances the effect of the talisman. Please note that the money toad only has three legs. With four, she becomes an ordinary amphibian, which no longer has anything to do with money.

Red carpet on the floor

Definitely red. According to Eastern teachings, this color is a symbol of luxury.


Texture is also important.
A fluffy carpet will fill your home with the energy of wealth, health and happiness. Round rugs represent peace and spirituality. They are great for decorating a bedroom, living room or dining room. Square and rectangular carpets symbolize reason and materialism, so they should be laid in the office, library, or corridor. But the oval-shaped carpet is considered the most powerful in terms of energy; it attracts good luck and changes for the better.

Also remember that the cleanliness of the carpet also determines the cleanliness of the energy in your home.


The most mysterious symbol that unites two worlds: sand - the material world, and time - the intangible, unknown world. In the hourglass, time is renewed again and again, opening up endless possibilities, bringing new energy for action, giving a feeling of stability and confidence.


One of the most common amulets stones, storing the warmth of sunlight and living energy. In Ancient China, only a member of the highest nobility could possess amber. Amber, the color of ripe cherry, was especially valued; it was associated with the blood of the sacred dragon. Hence the symbolism of this stone – wealth.

Paintings, figurines, jewelry and figurines made of amber carry a powerful energy flow that can attract wealth and prosperity. They can be placed anywhere except the bedroom.

Aquarium with fish

It not only calms, but also harmonizes space, being an excellent generator of positive energy. The main thing is to be reasonable and choose an aquarium that matches the dimensions of the room.

Flows of energy generated by an aquarium that is too large will carry away all the positive energy; the effect will be rather the opposite. To create the right energy, you should choose an aquarium with a symmetrical shape.

Aquarium fish, namely they create the movement of currents, must be kept clean and well lit. It is recommended to have an odd number of fish.

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Money magnets can attract good luck and prosperity to your home. But this does not mean that you need to devote your life to collecting them. Approach the selection of energy-positive accessories from a position of reason. And remember, not a single magnet will work without your desire. Charms are help. But in the end it all depends on you.



Is a magnetic phone holder harmful? Let's determine how a magnet affects the phone

magnet for things

How does a magnetic holder affect the phone and does it affect it at all? Myth about the benefits and harms of a magnet for a phone. The effect of a magnet on a smartphone - the whole truth

The influence of a magnet on the operation of a mobile phone

Only the lazy don’t write on the forums that the magnetic lock on the case damaged the cell phone. Of course, it’s a shame when you send your new phone in for repair. But is the magnet really the culprit? Whether the magnet on the case affects the phone can only be understood by tracing the origins of the phobia.

The legend of the killer magnet for phones and PCs was born during the times of cathode ray tubes. Today they have been replaced by liquid crystal and organic light-emitting diode technologies. Phones are no longer the same.

Does this justify the magnet or not? Let's figure out whether a magnet affects the phone. By the way, the effect of a magnet on an iPhone, smartphone and tablet will be the same, since these gadgets are identical in the basic principle of operation.

Let's take a closer look at each element of your mobile device and its interaction with a magnet.

Effect of a magnet on the screen

In ancient phones of the CRT era, a magnetic field inside the screen directed and distributed the light of electron beams to create an image.

The external magnet came into resonance with the internal magnetic field, and miracles with color, shape, etc. began to happen on the screen.

Nowadays, smartphones use LCD screen or OLED technology, where the principle of image construction is completely different; they do not have an internal magnetic field. Therefore, the magnet from outside does not have any effect on the screen.

The effect of a magnet on smartphone memory

Unlike a PC hard drive, which actually contains a strong magnet, modern phones and smartphones, as well as tablets, are built on flash memory, which does not contain any magnetic elements.

Theoretically, the magnet that will wreak havoc on the electrons of flash memory should be so powerful that it can separate one type of metal from another in complex alloys. But in practice this does not happen.

Therefore, the memory of Android, iPad and iPhone is absolutely not subject to any magnets.

The effect of a magnet on a phone battery

There are 4 types of batteries in modern phones:

  1. Nickel - cadmium;
  2. Nickel – metal hydride;
  3. Lithium - ion;
  4. Lithium – polymer;

The Nickel group batteries from the first two points are already history. Modern phones use mainly Lithium chargers of 3 and 4 points.

Does a magnet affect a phone's lithium battery?


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