What is more expensive: gold or platinum?

Comparative analysis of the cost of platinum and gold

The question of what is more expensive, gold or platinum, has an ambiguous answer. The fact is that in different years metals replaced each other on the podium. And if I may say so, then platinum and gold are forever competing with each other, constantly “figuring out” which is better and more expensive. With varying degrees of success, one metal or another wins, but the eternal rivals are “breathing down each other’s backs” and are not going to give up ground.

Gold and platinum

What will the story tell?

History will help clarify why platinum is more expensive than gold. It’s worth starting with the reign of Louis XVI. This monarch believed that jewelry made from platinum was a work of art. The love of beauty became decisive and, according to Louis, only a select few could possess art. Naturally, he considered himself one of those.

During the reign of the monarch, platinum jewelry was considered something special - a sign of prosperity, position in society and special status. Ordinary people were prohibited from owning or wearing jewelry made from this metal.

You can also recall the history of Russia: when one of the largest platinum deposits was discovered in the Urals, people simply went crazy. Platinum fever began, and thousands of prospectors rushed in search of the noble metal, forgetting about everything.

But in our country this metal has not always enjoyed such high popularity. History knows of times when our country sold rhodium to Europe for next to nothing, considering it completely useless. At the same time, rhodium did not immediately begin to be sold; initially, it was simply thrown away. Later, USSR scientists came to their senses and realized that tsarist Russia for many years gave away rhodium practically for nothing because of its ignorance.

But not only the inhabitants of our country were distinguished by such carelessness. An example is the residents of Spain. The conquistadors disdained the gray metal and dumped it into the river for many years.

In general, the very name of the metal “platinum” means “silver,” that is, cheap silver. The Spaniards did not value this metal, but eventually they found a use for it. They used platinum as an admixture, diluting it with silver and gold, from which they minted coins.

But the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt were distinguished by great prudence; they valued platinum and called it the queen of metals. However, its grains, which are difficult to melt, have undeservedly remained in the shadows for many years. Elements of the platinum subgroups were clearly inferior to the yellow metal, which attracted people with a warm, bright shade.

You can add to this the inconspicuous satellites of platinum, which perplexed humanity and significantly lowered the price of the metal.

Why gold?

It is not surprising that for many years the gray grains remained in the shadows. After all, gold is more expensive and more beautiful than any metal on the planet. This is what the Spaniards, Incas and many other peoples thought, but why bother with trifles, everyone thought so.

The metal, which was distinguished by its excellent malleability, pleasant color and resistance to reagents and corrosion, instantly gained popularity. It is enough just to remember how many gold rushes the world has experienced and take into account the fact that AU is considered the main metal in the world.

Platinum, silver and copper are cheaper than gold for the reason that they are clearly inferior to it in all respects. This has been thought for many years, considering the AU to be the standard of wealth and a symbol of power. It’s not for nothing that a currency reserve is formed from gold and this metal is melted into ingots.

The more gold a country has, the richer it is, the more jewelry a person has from this metal, the more prosperous he is. The logic here is quite simple.

It was AU that was chosen as the main metal that is capable of stabilizing the world economy and they were right. Gold coins, bars, jewelry and other items are being bought with a bang, and this is not surprising.

Every year the volume of production of this metal is decreasing, it is necessary to look for new deposits and develop them using modern technologies. All this leads to AU rising in price. The price of gold is invariably creeping up, for this reason investors are advised to invest money in this metal.

AU has high strength, good malleability and other characteristics. But gold has found its greatest use in the jewelry industry. Most of the mined metal is needed to make jewelry.

It is not surprising that platinum has become cheaper than gold, because it is used not only in the jewelry industry, but also in other industries. For this reason, the cost of this metal directly depends on the state of the world economy.

Queen of Metals

Platinum has been known to mankind for quite a long time, but gray grains were not particularly popular. However, over time, people still managed to discover all the properties of this metal and find uses for it.

Today platinum is used:

  1. To create mirrors.
  2. In the production of fertilizers.
  3. In the jewelry industry.
  4. In the production of electronics.

Unique mirrors are made from this metal: on one side it is ordinary glass, on the other side it is a mirror. Such mirrors are used by the police, and they also help monitor dishonest employees who work in casinos.

Pesticides and other fertilizers are created using platinum. It is also used in the production of high-quality gasoline.

Naturally, the metal has found application in the jewelry industry. It is used to make jewelry and special coatings. Rhodium plating is the process of applying a thin layer of rhodium to the surface of a metal. It helps jewelry last longer and not become covered with dirt and dust. In addition, platinum is susceptible to the effects of aggressive reagents, it tolerates contact with chemicals well and does not corrode.

White gold and platinum rings

In addition, platinum looks great in combination with diamonds; it does not change the color of the stone, emphasizes its advantages and hides flaws. Meanwhile, how can AU give a yellow tint to a diamond.

The metal has high thermal conductivity; electrodes and microcircuit particles are made from it.

Since platinum is widely used not only in jewelry, its value depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the state of the economy. For this reason, the platinum rate can change, rise and fall; it is not as stable as the gold rate.

This metal is losing in popularity to AU and the point here is not at all in the properties and appearance of platinum, but in established traditions.

Residents of Asia and India prefer gold to all metals. The fact is that the traditions of these peoples are very deep. For centuries, these people associated the color of this metal with spiritual values. They consider gold a symbol of happiness and success, for this reason they prefer it. The demand for AU is increasing, which means the price of this metal is constantly rising, despite the state of the economy and the danger of another crisis.

Dubious comparison

When choosing jewelry in a store, many are interested in the question: what is more expensive, white or yellow gold? There is no definite answer to this; it all depends not on the color of the product, but on the characteristics that the alloy is endowed with.

The alloy is prepared using several components, in addition to AU; the alloy may include silver, copper and other elements.

If we talk about white gold, then platinum or palladium is added to the alloy. The percentage of noble metal in the alloy affects the cost of the product.

Many people think that if the alloy contains palladium, then the jewelry will cost more than something that does not have this element in the alloy. In reality, this is not the case; the platinum or palladium content may be minimal; to understand this issue, you need to pay attention to the labeling.

The sample will tell the buyer exactly how much noble metal is contained in the alloy. The higher the standard, the more expensive the jewelry is.

When choosing between two metals, it is worth considering that they are both unique and have excellent characteristics.

Gold and platinum have been competing for quite some time; these elements have similar qualities: high hardness, resistance to corrosion, and inertness. Some people believe that these elements are of cosmic origin and carry a piece of the Universe within them.

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In what cases is gold more expensive than platinum - interesting details about precious metals

Girls love beautiful jewelry made of various precious metals, the fashion for which is only increasing. The question of what is more expensive: gold or platinum products becomes relevant.

Find that looks like silver

Platinum was first discovered in 1700 in Europe, or rather, off its coast.

Alchemists became interested in metal and began to study it. They conducted many experiments, wanting to discover all the properties of the element and convert it into Au. Theophilus Schaeffer, the great scientist of Sweden, proclaimed the news in 1751 that platinum was a unique metal.

Platinum has become popular. A little later, in 1780, King Louis 15 of France declared that this metal was crown metal, that is, intended for persons of blue blood. Many luxury goods were created then.

In the 18th century in Russia, the properties of the metal were not discovered, so its value remained lower than silver. But thanks to scientific progress, everything has changed - now this metal is considered very expensive.

About metals

I wonder why platinum is more expensive than gold? The answer is simple: it's all about the characteristics.

What is platinum and white gold? These are two outwardly similar metals with different properties. At the moment, the element is rarely found in nature.

The metal has good characteristics: it is hard, durable and wear-resistant. It has a unique shade from nature. Try:

White gold is an alloy of elements that gives it a beautiful shine. An alloy of gold and platinum can create white gold. This is a metal that is considered one of the softest. To give the desired shine, various impurities are added to the composition: silver, nickel, palladium, rhodium.

Rhodium plating has a disadvantage - over time, the layer becomes thinner, so it has to be renewed - this can be done in elite jewelry stores.


But in jewelry stores there are few items made from 750 samples. Based on this, the difference between platinum and white gold is obvious.

To understand what is more expensive: platinum or gold, you need to study the purpose of the products.

Platinum jewelry will be more expensive than white gold jewelry.

But there is another nuance. Bullion is a way to invest. How much does a gram of bullion cost? Here the situation looks a little different (the course is updated regularly):

MetalCoursePrice in rub. per gramPeriod
Au TSB RF 2280,13

Source: https://ProDragmetally.ru/dragotsennye-metally/platina/zoloto-dorozhe.html

White gold and platinum: which is better for jewelry framing? Platinum compared to other metals

One of the most common dilemmas that buyers face when purchasing a ring or other jewelry is what it should be made of.

This question is especially relevant when choosing a material for framing a product that should securely hold stones.

Platinum and white gold are two of the most popular metals among people looking to buy white jewelry. Let's take a look at how these two materials compare and what their pros and cons are when used in jewelry.

Platinum versus white gold

Platinum is very rare, and therefore one of the most expensive metals used in jewelry.

This is one of the most expensive metals used in jewelry, and jewelry made from it is much more expensive than gold.

While the significant price can be considered a disadvantage, let's take a look at what platinum's advantages are and how it compares to other metals.


Platinum is one of the strongest materials that jewelry can be made from. This metal is also very resistant to corrosion and does not tarnish.

While yellow gold, for example, is softer and wears over time, platinum takes much longer to show signs of significant wear. Platinum may scratch, but it does not wear off or degrade over time as easily as gold.

Although platinum can bend, it is more difficult to break, and this quality makes it a very good choice for ring teeth.

For this reason, platinum rings require much less repair and their prongs are not easily broken or bent, making gemstones safer in a platinum setting.

Because of its hardness, platinum does not scratch as easily as softer metals and alloys (it does scratch, but is much harder).

This is why you don't need to polish platinum jewelry as often as yellow or white gold pieces.

White gold is also quite durable, but its hardness depends on its carat - the lower it is, the less pure gold the product contains and the harder it is.

Although higher karat pieces are softer due to the higher gold content, this is somewhat offset by the rhodium layer that is usually used to coat the gold alloy. The top layer of rhodium makes it heavier and more durable.

However, keep in mind that while a platinum prong may be easier to bend depending on the alloy content, gold prongs are more fragile and break more easily.

It's worth noting that white gold will lose its rhodium layer over time and will need to be re-plated. It is also more vulnerable to erosion caused by household chemicals such as chlorine.

Platinum, on the other hand, has no such problems.


Even though these metals are both white, there is some difference in their appearance, especially as time passes.

Platinum jewelry gets scratched and develops a patina, causing the metal to lose its shine and take on a grayish, matte appearance.

If you want to restore the shine of your platinum jewelry, you will need to polish it.

However, if you don't mind that matte finish, you can leave it as is.

White gold does not develop a patina, but its rhodium layer wears away over time, revealing the underlying alloy of the piece, which has a yellowish color.

So if you want to keep it shiny and white, you will need to take care of it by periodically refinishing the rhodium plating.


One of the distinguishing features of platinum is that it is a very pure material. Platinum used in jewelry is typically 95% and 99%.

But why does cleanliness matter? Because of its purity, platinum can be worn without fear of allergic reactions.

While 10 or 14 karat yellow gold may cause skin irritation in people with allergies to nickel, which is often found in gold alloys.

Platinum, white gold and allergies

Platinum is hypoallergenic, meaning it will not cause rashes or skin irritation.

Some platinum alloys may contain nickel, which can cause allergies, but the levels in these alloys are so low that this is unlikely.

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Gold alloys can sometimes contain nickel in concentrations high enough to cause a rash.

However, if the jewelry is rhodium plated, the coating will prevent the nickel from coming into contact with your skin.

Problems begin to arise when the rhodium wears off and the nickel-containing layer is exposed. In this case, you will need to re-plate the piece with rhodium as soon as possible.

You can also simply buy jewelry that does not contain nickel.

Comparison with other metals

Comparison with yellow gold

The most noticeable difference between platinum and yellow gold is the color, which makes each metal suitable for different gemstones and outfits.

However, the most important advantage of platinum is that it is not as soft as yellow gold, which scratches and bends more easily.

Platinum's durability makes it a good choice for jewelry intended for everyday wear.

Yellow gold, on the other hand, is more suitable for jewelry that you will wear less often, especially if it is higher karat gold and therefore softer.

If you are looking for a metal to set colorless diamonds in, platinum is the best choice.

Yellow gold makes any diamond set in it look a little yellowish, so while this metal is a good choice for slightly colored diamonds in lower-grade colors, it does not provide the best setting if you want to show off your colorless diamond.

Comparison with silver

Compared to platinum, silver is a softer and less durable metal. So if you're looking for a piece for everyday wear and want it to last longer, platinum is the clear winner.

Another problem with silver is that it tarnishes over time and you will need to clean your silver items more often.

However, the good thing about high quality silver is that it is much more affordable.

Comparison with tungsten

Although tungsten has a similar color, its main advantage is that it is much cheaper. Tungsten is just as difficult to scratch as platinum.

The disadvantage of tungsten is that it is very difficult to machine. For this reason, a tungsten ring is not as easy to resize as a platinum ring.

In addition, tungsten can only be engraved using a laser.

Comparison with titanium

Titanium and platinum are similar and both are safe for people with allergies, but titanium is a more affordable option.

Titanium is also much more durable than platinum and is very difficult to bend or scratch. However, scratches are more easily polished out on platinum.

Titanium is often preferred because it is much lighter. But you should keep in mind that just like tungsten rings, titanium rings are also difficult to resize.

Comparison with palladium

Palladium is very similar to platinum in terms of color and durability. Both metals are also hypoallergenic.

However, palladium is cheaper than platinum. Besides its lower price, the other main advantage of palladium is that it weighs less.

Weight: does it matter?

In general, platinum jewelry is heavier than comparable gold jewelry.

This might not make a huge difference, but weight can be a significant factor, especially if the ring has a relatively large diamond, for example.

So before purchasing, think about how platinum jewelry will feel compared to gold when worn over a long period of time.


Although platinum has excellent strength, the high cost of this metal is one of its biggest disadvantages.

White gold has its pros and cons, but when it comes to making a purchasing decision, think about how much you're willing to pay for the benefits of platinum.

Choose a platinum ring if you will wear it often and want the jewelry to last longer. While platinum is scratched, these scratches do not result in loss of metal, but rather in displacement of the material.

If price is an important factor, then choose a white gold ring that you won't wear very often. This way you will pay less than for platinum jewelry, but be sure to factor in the cost of replating the piece with a new layer of rhodium every 3-5 years.

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Which precious metal is more expensive: platinum or gold?

Platinum is one of the most expensive metals on the planet. It was first discovered by the Spaniards in Colombia in the sixteenth century during gold mining. They found unknown impurities in it, which they could not melt then. Then this noble metal was mistaken for bad silver and so called (platinum - translated from Spanish as “bad silver”).

The king was afraid to spoil the reputation of Spain, which was famous for the excellent quality of gold products, and for this purpose he ordered the destruction of all collected platinum. Thus, for almost fifty years, one of the most expensive metals was dumped into rivers due to the lack of the possibility of processing it.

At present, there is active debate about what is more expensive – platinum or gold.

Platinum is the most precious metal on earth.

Platinum Basics

Platinum is a malleable metal with a density of 21.4 grams per cubic centimeter and a melting point of 1773.5 degrees Celsius. In nature, platinum is found in the form of nuggets and in ore deposits. It is almost twice as dense as gold and stronger than all known metals on earth. Platinum is a great competitor to gold, having very high corrosion resistance. Therefore, a debate often arises: what is more expensive, platinum or gold.

At the end of the 18th century, the world discovered the amazing properties of a previously unknown metal. Platinum has become a symbol of reliability and immutability. She was admired by the greatest people of civilization.

Jewelers fell in love with this beautiful white metal for its high strength and noble color, emphasizing the purity of diamonds. While a yellow gold setting gives a subtle tint to the stone, a platinum setting emphasizes all the advantages of the noble mineral. There are also more practical reasons for using platinum in the setting of precious stones: due to its strength, it acts as a more reliable element of the setting than soft gold.

Platinum mining in Russia

In Russia, the development of deposits of “unprofitable silver” has also begun. At the beginning of the 19th century, rich deposits of platinum were found in the Urals, near the Upper Neiva. Russia has become the leader in the extraction of this precious metal.

Platenniks or Ural chervonets appeared - platinum coins weighing 10.3 grams, which were valued at three rubles. Why platinum is more expensive than gold now is a fairly common question.

History knows periods when “white” metal was more expensive than its “yellow” counterpart.

The Urals contain some of the world's largest platinum deposits.

In the twenties of the nineteenth century V.V. Lyubarsky conducted a series of studies, during which it turned out that white, shiny particles of platinum are not soluble in any acids. He made the following conclusion: “Siberian metal belongs to a special kind of raw platinum, containing a significant amount of iridium and osmium.”

A little later, huge deposits of platinum were found in the Urals, which brought Russia to first place in gold mining.

Research on platinum led to the discovery of other metals close to it, which are also quite highly valued and have similar chemical and physical properties. They were named: palladium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, ruthenium.

Metals immediately found application in industry. In medicine, platinum-iridium electrodes support the cardiac activity of patients with angina pectoris. In oncology, a platinum complex can reduce a patient’s tumor. Platinum is pure, it does not contain impurities that can irritate the skin, therefore it is widely used in medicine.

Parts of medical instruments made of platinum.

Today, platinum is one of the most expensive metals, the demand for which prevails over the supply. Many companies work with this metal; many newlyweds prefer to seal their union with rings made of this particular metal. Louis 16 once declared that platinum is the only metal worthy of kings.

Why is platinum so expensive?

Why is platinum more expensive than gold on the world market? There are several reasons for this price difference. Platinum is heavier than gold. This means that a platinum ring weighing 16 grams will be heavier than a gold ring made in the same volume by 6 grams.

That is, with the same processing and complexity, a product made of platinum simply outweighs products made of gold. Platinum jewelry contains 95% pure metal. While gold jewelry never contains pure gold, it is simply impractical. Platinum jewelry contains only 5% impurities of other metals.

Thus, platinum jewelry is the purest and most durable in the jewelry world.

Products made from platinum are elegant and especially durable.

Processing platinum is much more difficult than processing gold. This implies an increase in labor costs and an increase in prices. The demand for gold is higher, so the production volumes of platinum jewelry are lower, which allows manufacturers to slightly inflate prices for this metal.

What is more valuable: white or yellow gold?

There is no clear answer to the question “which gold is more expensive”. It all depends on the alloy ligature. Yellow contains copper and silver, white contains palladium or platinum. All that remains is to calculate which of these metals is more expensive. The composition of white gold determines its high price. Therefore, it is impossible to confidently say which is more expensive: rare white gold or common yellow gold.

Yellow gold is more common, but .999 pure gold alloys are very rarely used for jewelry.

This is explained by the physical properties of gold, which make the metal impractical for everyday wear. Therefore, in order to give gold strength, copper and silver are added to it. Depending on the amount of copper, the shade of gold changes. White gold alloys are platinum, palladium, and nickel. White gold with platinum is an elite metal that costs more than white gold with palladium and yellow gold.

Platinum will give the alloy hardness and wear resistance. It imparts its shine and impeccable color to the alloy. White gold with palladium has a subtle yellow tint, and white gold with nickel is banned in many countries due to the allergic effect of nickel on the skin. But you should not make hasty conclusions about what is more expensive, the malleable metal gold or palladium, which belongs to the class of platinum metals.

The cost of gold does not depend on the color, but on the composition of the alloy.

In many ways, the price of the alloy depends on the complexity of processing. Because of the high melting point of the platinum metals added to white gold, it is much more difficult to process than the easy-to-work yellow metal. Which gold will cost more to the jewelry buyer, white or yellow, remains for the consumer to judge.

Properties of platinum

Platinum is a malleable white metal. Platinum is capable of absorbing some gases, including hydrogen and oxygen, on the surface. It enters into a full chemical reaction only with hot aqua regia.

There is no clear answer to the question of what is more expensive: dazzling platinum or white gold - these are precious metals, the cost of which is too dependent on external factors.

Metal nanoparticles can painlessly penetrate body cells and affect vital processes. One of the main characteristics of platinum is its ability to destroy free radicals, which contribute to aging. Platinum is also used to treat cancer.

Therefore, the answer to the question of which gold is more expensive: white, containing platinum or yellow, can be simply answered - the one that contains a minimum of impurities.

Platinum mining

Pure platinum is practically not found in nature, therefore, it is mainly found in various ores: cuproplatinum, polyxene, nickel platinum, platinum compounds with arsenic, sulfur, antimony.

Open pit platinum mining in Zimbabwe.

Ore is mined using both open and closed methods. For most placer and some primary deposits, an open method is available; for primary deposits, only a closed method is used. After wet enrichment, raw concentrate is obtained - a concentrate with a high percentage of metal minerals. Subsequently, it is sent for refining.

Application of platinum

Over the past couple of decades, demand for platinum has outstripped supply. Perhaps this, to some extent, can explain why platinum is more expensive than gold. If before the Second World War half of the platinum was used by jewelers, now almost all of the mined platinum goes to the development of science and industry.

Its chemical properties played an important role: acid resistance, heat resistance and constancy of characteristics during ignition. Platinum is used to make: crucibles, cups, glasses, spoons, spatulas, spatulas, tips, filters, electrodes. The largest consumers of platinum were the chemical and oil refining industries.

Platinum is one of the best catalysts for the oxidation of ammonia to nitrogen oxide NO in the main process of nitric acid production. Platinum catalysts accelerate many other practically important reactions.

The automotive industry uses the catalytic properties of platinum, which helps neutralize exhaust gases. In addition, platinum is used in the manufacture of:

  • Insoluble anodes in electroplating;
  • Galvanic coatings;
  • Heating elements of resistance furnaces;
  • Permanent magnets;
  • Electrodes for the production of perchlorates, perborates, percarbonates, peroxodusulfuric acid.

In medicine, platinum is used to make surgical instruments that cannot oxidize when sterilized with an alcohol burner. Medicines containing platinum are used in chemotherapy and successfully shrink tumors.

Source: https://golden-inform.ru/kotirovki/chto-dorozhe-platina-ili-zoloto/

፠ What is more expensive: gold or platinum?

The pricing of precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum depends on several factors. One of them is how much of a particular metal is contained in natural reserves. For example, if we consider platinum, its production is three times less than gold. In theory, it should cost three times more. But is this really so?

Today the price of platinum is lower than gold. How is it that a rarer metal has become cheaper? To answer this question, it is necessary to consider all the options for using platinum, as well as take into account the historical factors that influenced the formation of the price of platinum.

What is platinum and where is it used?

Platinum is the strongest metal, has a silvery-white color, melts only at a temperature of 1768.3 °C, and enters into a chemical reaction only with aqua regia. Thanks to these and some other properties, platinum has found its use in medicine, industry, coin production and much more. In St. Petersburg, for example, today a 1 kg standard made of platinum is stored.

Jewelers also did not remain indifferent to the rare metal. Platinum is used in jewelry and white gold. Some of the most expensive diamond jewelry is made from platinum.

Because platinum is a very durable metal, it is the most reliable cut for diamonds. The stones are firmly held inside the precious item.

The white-silver color of platinum does not affect the stone in any way. But gold transmits a warm and soft light to a diamond. Platinum allows you to see the stone’s own play, which is not influenced by metal.

Engagement ring - gold or platinum?

Engagement rings are bought to last a lifetime. It is not removed when working, cooking, washing hands, doing laundry, etc. It is this symbol of fidelity that is most susceptible to scratches and other mechanical damage. But you want it to always shine and not lose its appearance.

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Gold is a common choice for engagement rings. But platinum rings will last much longer than gold ones. Platinum is not afraid of scratches or chemical reagents. Whether your platinum engagement ring is standard smooth, set with diamonds, or engraved, with simple care it will still look like it was just bought 60 years from now.

Will a platinum engagement ring cost more than a gold ring? Will. Gold is more expensive than platinum when you look at the two metals in scrap condition. And platinum is more expensive than gold if jewelry is made from it. This is due to the fact that this precious snow-white metal is much more difficult to process. Also with the fact that the appearance of this product will be rated by connoisseurs an order of magnitude higher than a similar one in gold.

Platinum and white gold

We already know that platinum is used as an additive to produce white gold. In addition to platinum itself, palladium is often used - a softer and more flexible metal. To produce white gold, 1 part of platinum or palladium is enough to obtain a unique shine.

Will a product with platinum be more expensive? It depends not on what is in the gold, but on its sample, the work of the master, inlay and much more. If you read our article about white gold, then you already know that not only platinum or palladium, but also nickel is added to it for color.  

So, the latter metal causes allergies, so they try not to use it in alloys. But palladium and platinum do not cause any allergic reactions.

A piece of jewelry made from platinum will always cost more than gold also because the gold jewelry contains 585 parts of the metal itself (if we take 585 samples), but platinum contains 95 parts of the precious metal - 950 samples.

It is clear that with approximately the same price for the metal, the cost of the same ring will be more expensive if it is made of platinum. In addition, platinum itself weighs a quarter more than gold for the same volumes.

If you are not a jeweler, then you will not be able to determine whether the item in front of you is platinum or white gold. Only a test can tell you what is in front of you - platinum or gold. In addition, it is difficult to distinguish platinum from silver at first glance. Do you want to choose platinum jewelry? Buy only from trusted stores or jewelers you trust.  

Why buy platinum when you can buy white gold or silver jewelry and it will be cheaper?

Because platinum is forever. Its main properties:

  • the most durable metal;
  • high purity of platinum, does not cause allergies;
  • emphasizes the shine of a precious stone - a diamond;
  • does not oxidize, does not react to high temperatures.

In a product, especially with precious stones, platinum looks royal. It goes perfectly not only with a diamond, but also with pearls, including black, emerald and other stones. At the same time, it emphasizes the natural color of the stone and does not interrupt its play.

A little history

The first mention of the unknown metal platinum dates back to the 16th century. Gold miners found it, but because they couldn’t melt it, the platinum was simply thrown away. The metal resembled silver in appearance. And since they couldn’t do anything with it, that is, with her, with platinum, at that time, it was called rotten silver.

Historians have found mention of platinum in the writings of Ancient Egypt. Since 1735, platinum was banned from being imported into Spain, and in Colombia it was completely drowned in the river. For the first time, it was used by the Spanish authorities themselves to produce coins, or rather, to counterfeit them.

But Russia became the first to mine platinum on an industrial scale. It was discovered in the Urals at the beginning of the 19th century. Platinum was mined in huge quantities, but since they did not yet know how to process it, all the precious metal was sold to France and America. It was there that they found a way to make it pure by separating the impurities.

If not jewelry production, then what?

Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal. It is completely resistant to corrosion, does not enter into chemical reactions, does not oxidize and is very refractory. These important properties quickly found application in medicine.

Interesting fact. Platinum can penetrate cells in the form of nanoparticles without causing pain. But most importantly, it eats up the free radicals that accompany aging. Perhaps in the future, an elixir of youth will be created from it.  

Today, platinum is used to fight cancer and also treat heart disease. Dentists are not far behind - crowns made of platinum are the most durable, in addition, implants are made from it, which are best accepted by the body.

Interesting fact. Each police series has a special mirror through which the progress of the interrogation is monitored. There are such mirrors in our country - identifications are carried out through them, etc. So, these mirrors are durable glass coated with platinum.

On one side there is ordinary glass, on the other there is a mirror.

Oil production and electroplating. Here platinum is used in coatings, magnets, for the production of anodes and much more.

Platinum has the ability to accelerate chemical processes associated with nitrogen, which industrialists successfully use.

Everything related to platinum and production costs a lot of money. How much is platinum actually worth?

Investing in platinum

The extraordinary properties of the metal, the low supply of natural resources, the difficulty of processing, the purity of the metal - it would seem that all this plus a small supply should be enough for the price to increase many times over. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the price of this particular metal.

The price of platinum on the gold and foreign exchange market constantly fluctuates. The price of platinum can soar very high and immediately fall much below the level at which it was located.

And gold today is valued more than platinum, if only because it is in it that the gold and foreign exchange reserves are valued. It is a measure of wealth for most Asian countries. Remember India, where the more gold jewelry, the richer the bride or groom.

What is gold? Power, wealth, reliability. But few people invest in platinum. And this happens precisely because of the instability of its production, as well as a lack of understanding of its real need.

As for jewelers, few people prefer to work with complex metals, choosing gold for themselves. Only the most advanced jewelry factories produce exclusive precious items with diamonds in platinum.

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What is more expensive, platinum or gold, and why? :

What is more expensive, platinum or gold? The cost of these two metals depends entirely on the production technology, the industry in which the substances are used, as well as their function in the economic process. Based on such noble elements, alloys are created that are used in completely different industries. But as a rule, they are most often used in jewelry.

History of the discovery and use of noble metal

An interesting fact should be noted. In the 16th century, when gold was found in Colombia, another type of “solar” element that resembled silver was mined along with the placer metal. It was impossible to clean these particles from platinum. Translated, this word means “bad silver.”

For quite a long time, it was difficult to find a use for this chemical element, since it was impossible to process it due to the lack of special technologies. And only in 1780 this metal was called the most reliable and unchangeable among those worthy of kings.

Coin issue

Soon the first platinum coins were officially issued. Gold, copper and alloy were added to the alloy. Their share was quite large.

Due to the properties of both physical and chemical, counterfeit coins were created that could easily be passed off as originals. Platinum in real and counterfeit coins differs in density, which can be easily calculated using hydrostatic weighing. It should also be noted that such money, as a rule, can be magnetized.

The first official issue of coins took place in the Russian Empire. They were in use from 1828 to 1845, they were minted from Ural platinum. At that time, this material had not been purified from iridium and palladium.

At the same time, a new chemical element was discovered in Siberia, which made it possible to use the unrefined alloy. Simultaneously with the minting of coins, wire, medals, cups, and so on were created from platinum. However, at that time they were quite expensive, so they did not enter people’s everyday lives.

But even then the question arose about what is more expensive, platinum or gold, and why.

Basic properties of jewelry platinum

In order to understand the cost of these materials, you need to learn about the properties of platinum. This element is used to make jewelry. It is distinguished by the fact that it can easily withstand deformation, mechanical influences, and reagents. The material is as flexible and stable as possible. That's why he found his place in the jewelry business.

At the moment, platinum is quite widely used in the creation of jewelry. It is often used to add to alloys as a alloy component. The melting point of this element is about 1700 degrees Celsius, and if we talk about hardness, then on the Mohs scale it reaches 4.3.

Notable nuances

How much more expensive is platinum than gold? This is a rather interesting question, the answer to it depends on many factors. For example, sometimes about 5% of this substance is added to the noble metal. Thanks to this solution, gold becomes white.

A similar composition refers to the 950 sample. It is highly valued and also extremely durable. When metal is mined, platinum group metals are simultaneously extracted from it. These include substances such as palladium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium and others.

At the moment, platinum jewelry is considered to be those that are the most reliable. They give confidence and speak of good taste.

Accordingly, platinum is often used as a setting for diamonds. Due to this, the play of stones becomes simply magnificent. All the advantages of this metal are combined with the most important disadvantage. We are talking about a high price. A product made of platinum has no alternative both in terms of strength and beauty, and accordingly, the financial side leaves much to be desired.

White gold

Trying to explain what is more expensive, platinum or gold, it should be highlighted: at the moment, the most popular products are those made from white metal. That is why platinum and similar gold coated with palladium are now in great demand on the market. Of course, if we are talking about precious metals, they will always find application in the financial side.

White gold is an alloy that is created from silver, nickel, palladium and other alloy components. It should be noted that some products containing nickel are allergens. That is why they are often replaced by platinum. This material does not cause any such reactions.

White gold can be produced in 500, 585 and 750 samples. It has a soft structure and a warm color tone. The latter depends on the alloy. The cost per gram starts from 2 thousand rubles and ends at around 6500. This metal is more expensive than gold and platinum, as a rule, by several thousand.

To make such a product as similar as possible to platinum, it is plated with rhodium. Due to the fact that the jewelry has a metal film, it is protected from damage longer, and the quality of the product itself remains at the highest level for a long time. However, with active use, this coating wears off, and accordingly the decoration looks worse. In order to get rid of this problem, it is necessary to reapply this spraying.

Areas of application of platinum

Quite a pressing question: what is more expensive, platinum or white gold? In order to answer it, you should also find out where exactly this material is used. Let's talk directly about platinum.

Today it is widely used in many areas, including the creation of jewelry, as well as automobile catalysts. Platinum and other elements of this chemical group are often used in technology. This is due to the strength indicator, which is quite high. Equipment and utensils are often made from such metals.

They are resistant to acidic environments. If we talk about chlorination, platinum is often used as a catalyst. It can also often be found in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to create paints and gasoline, the described material is also used.

Due to the fact that technology does not stand still and continues to develop, prosthetics and crowns are currently being created from platinum.

If we compare mirrors that have an aluminum coating and a noble metal coating, then in principle it is impossible to notice any visual differences. However, using platinum, you can create a transparent type of product. Such mirrors are used in casinos and also by the police.


Accordingly, the scope of application of the precious metal is quite extensive. There are no analogues for such material in the aviation industry, as well as in the creation of power equipment.

Therefore, answering the question of why platinum is more expensive than gold, these aspects should be highlighted. The uniqueness, difficulty of extraction and beauty make this substance irreplaceable.

However, it is worth noting that in institutions such as Sberbank, the cost of precious metals may be completely different. Everything depends on the economic component.

Formation of the cost of precious metals

Now we should talk about what is more expensive, gold or platinum. Sberbank and some other banks set a different cost rate, which is based on various characteristics. That is why the price in such institutions should be discussed separately.

For now, let’s look at cost in the jewelry industry. It should be noted that platinum is still more expensive. It depends on many factors that are most closely related to the economy. It should be noted that events carried out in the state also affect the cost of such metals. Therefore, platinum may be more expensive in one country and cheaper in another.

For example, when during the Moscow Olympics special chervonets were issued from the described material, their price increased as much as possible, but all state reserves were created on the basis of gold, and accordingly the cost of this material is more expensive.

In the market, the position of platinum is unstable and uncertain, so gold is used as a financial instrument that is considered stable.

The reasons why platinum will be more expensive should be highlighted separately. At a minimum, to obtain an ounce of the described element, you need to process about 10 tons of ore material. It should be noted that for gold this figure is 3 times less. The cost of production is as high as possible.

In order to process this material, it is necessary to create special temperature indicators. The density of jewelry is quite large, which is why the cost of jewelry will differ depending on the volume of material. It should also be noted that platinum is practically not found in mineral formations; it does not exist in native form.

Market value and price in the jewelry industry

In the jewelry field, the demand for this metal is gradually increasing, so in this field the material described is often more expensive than gold. Some samples have a high platinum content in the alloy. It should be noted that such a product will have a large amount of ligature.

If we talk about gold, there are some compositions with similar components, and there are jewelry only containing such elements either in 20% or 40% form. If we talk about the sample, then these are 750 (1800 rubles per 1 gram) and 585 (1400 rubles per 1 gram), respectively.

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Speaking about market value, we need to clarify why gold has become more expensive than platinum. This depends not only on physical and technical parameters, but also on the economic characteristics of the entire state.

Jewelry that is 950 platinum (per 1 gram from 5 thousand to 9 thousand rubles) and 985 gold do not differ at all in price. This is due to characteristics and other indicators. These products are considered the most popular. Therefore, when answering the question of why gold is more expensive than platinum in Sberbank, you need to remember the economic nuances.

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What is more expensive - gold or platinum today: why this is so, the differences and what is better for investing

The history of mankind is firmly connected with gold (Au): it has always been a measure of value, a source of wealth, and a reason for war. Platinum (Pt, a shiny, grayish-white metal) has never attracted much interest until its outstanding physical and chemical properties were established and its membership in the group of precious metals was determined.

It was then that platinum began to be used as a jewelry metal. It began to compete in popularity and price with gold. What is more expensive gold or platinum today?

Which metal is more expensive today - gold or platinum?

The currency value of gold is currently slightly higher than the value of platinum. There are periods when this ratio changes. But the scales on the stock exchanges never fall so low that one element is worthless in relation to another.

As a currency metal, at the time of writing, platinum was worth less than gold (see chart).

How is the price determined?

The price is determined depending on supply and demand.

Au is the most common in nature. Its reserves are approximately 10 times greater than the amount of Pt. Despite the rarity of platinum group metals, their cost is determined by the needs of industry, and not by public demand for jewelry.

What to choose for investment?

Comparing prices for precious metals is the prerogative of specialists who trade on stock exchanges and monitor changes in monetary amounts. It is quite difficult to independently predict the rise or fall in value.

Gold is a more common means of investing capital. It is often bought as a reserve “cushion” for a rainy day. In addition, it is a universal means of payment and is accumulated by states.

Why is platinum cheaper than gold?

The low jewelry value of platinum is due to its appearance.

Unlike the usual golden yellow color of Au, Pt has a silvery gray color. It doesn't look like pure white silver, it looks more like highly polished steel.

The mentality of European civilization, which did not know platinum until the beginning of the 19th century, does not perceive it as a precious metal, despite its high cost.

What is more valuable: white or yellow gold?

White gold is an alloy of 585 or 750 assay value with a high content of impurities (ligatures), 20 parts of which are white silver, and the remaining parts may be other components that are white:

The cost of the product depends on what element is added to give the alloy a white color. If it is nickel, then white gold will be significantly cheaper than pure 999 fine gold, and if it is platinum or palladium, it will be more expensive than a similar product of the same standard, in which copper is used as an alloy.

How is platinum different from gold?

Both precious metals are located next to each other on the periodic table.


For Pt it is 21.5 g/cm3, and for Au it is only 19.3 g/cm3.

This means that an item made of gold, equal in volume and shape to one made of platinum, will weigh 10.23% less. This difference makes platinum products that are identical in appearance more expensive than their gold counterparts.

A criterion that directly affects the cost is a special mark - a sample, which is stamped on the product by the assay office after examining product samples for metal content.

Traditionally, gold jewelry in Russia contains varying amounts of this element. Products that contain:

  • 375;
  • 500;
  • 583;
  • 585;
  • 750;
  • 958;
  • 999 parts of gold.

The most common are products containing slightly more than half of pure gold from the total weight of the product - 583 (Soviet standard) or 585 (Russian standard).

Based on these fixed values ​​and the spatula shape of the mark, it is very easy to determine what kind of metal we are talking about, without even considering the color.

For platinum there are fewer samples. There are only 3 of them:

As can be seen from the values, a piece of jewelry always (with the exception of items made of 999 gold, which are practically never found on sale) contains more precious platinum. Therefore, jewelry made from it is more expensive than gold.

At home, it is almost impossible to determine the authenticity of precious metals. A thick layer of gold plating or platinum plating negates all the efforts of home experimenters. In the worst case, it leads to damage to the jewelry.

Both metals are quite inert. That is, they do not react with most household substances at room temperature. This is their currency value. If they are not exposed to extreme factors, they can retain their unchanged appearance and weight for centuries.

Here's what works for them:

  1. In order to dissolve Au, “regia vodka” was invented - a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids in a ratio of 3:1.
  2. Pt is less resistant to chemical reagents and dissolves freely in pure hydrochloric acid in the presence of air.

This does not mean that this metal is less inert. The property of Pt to accelerate chemical processes while remaining unchanged is widely used in catalysts. Industrially, platinum is more valuable than completely inert gold.

Where can you buy or sell precious metals?

In Russia, there are several ways to buy or sell precious products (ingots):

  1. The most legal way is to purchase metals on the exchange.
  2. Take a bar or coins from a bank.
  3. Buy products at a jewelry store.

The law does not prohibit the free circulation between individuals of jewelry, coins and bars bearing the hallmark of the assay office. But the free circulation of native or artificially mined metal is prohibited.

What metal is best to choose for jewelry?

The choice of decoration always depends on the preferences of the consumer. For European culture, gold is the more common metal. At the same time, platinum is a harder and more wear-resistant element that is difficult to scratch (unlike Au).

Recommendations for cleaning, care and storage

Caring for jewelry using a modern gadget - an ultrasonic bath - is extremely easy. It is enough to place the product in a soap solution and turn on the ultrasound: after 10-15 minutes the product will be completely cleaned of plaque and dirt in the most inaccessible places.

If the ring has scratches, you cannot polish it yourself. The risk of damaging the surface is too high. It's better to contact a jeweler.


The struggle between the two metals, traditionally the measure of the value of everything else produced by man, will never cease. As long as there is money and people's passion for decorating their bodies.

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Gold and platinum: which metal is more expensive and why?

Gold and platinum are the most expensive metals, which have found their use not only in the creation of amazing jewelry, but also in banking.

Consumers have always wondered: which is better, platinum or gold? What is the difference? What to choose?

The constant confrontation between these two metals in the economic market has caused the price of gold to fluctuate relative to platinum. Over the course of one month, the price could change several times, sometimes decreasing, sometimes increasing.

However, although platinum is an expensive metal, it has been and remains in the shadow of gold, its value is less.

Price of gold and platinum:

  • The price of gold currently stands at RUB 2,960.96 . per gram. Find out how much a gram of white gold costs here.
  • The price of platinum is currently RUR 1,750.86. per gram.

On what basis are prices for gold and platinum formed?

The cost of metals is determined by their scope, technological characteristics and properties.

Properties and characteristics of metals:

  1. Platinum is much heavier in weight because it has a higher density.
  2. Gold is more susceptible to oxidation and heating compared to platinum. “Yellow metal” has less anti-corrosion properties, but platinum is much stronger than gold and is almost impossible to scratch.
  3. Platinum has a higher purity, therefore, unlike gold, it does not cause any allergic reactions.

History of platinum

Mankind's acquaintance with platinum occurred back in the 16th century, at a time when gray grains of platinum were encountered during gold mining. It was first mistaken for damaged parts of gold, so it was nicknamed “rotten gold” or “silver”, which means spoiled, bad silver.

Taking platinum as a completely unnecessary metal, so that it would not spoil the purity of the minted coins of the Spaniards, they threw it away.

Although, according to some sources, platinum was known to the ancient Egyptians, who used this beautiful, noble metal to decorate the throne of the pharaohs. During the time of King Louis XVI, platinum was considered the metal of kings.

Platinum in jewelry

And, of course, every person knows that it is thanks to platinum that the most amazing jewelry is created: jewelry, accessories.

At the end of the 18th century, jewelry masters introduced sophisticated platinum jewelry to sophisticated women. The use of this metal in products was considered a sign of family well-being and a high level of income, because not everyone could afford it.

At the moment, leading jewelry manufacturers are increasingly offering jewelry and accessories made of platinum on the world market. Now it is also a sign of respectability and good taste.

Often, in recent years, platinum has been chosen as the base metal for wedding and engagement rings.

The platinum frame perfectly harmonizes with diamonds, the metal does not darken or change color; on the contrary, restraint and gentleness only emphasize the magnificence of diamonds.

Sometimes, platinum is used not for the main cut, but for fastening the stone; looking under the stone in a ring or pendant, you can see a point of a grayish alloy. The cost of a product with platinum is higher than that of gold jewelry, due to the fact that the platinum will never wear out or deteriorate. The metal does not change its shape, so there is no chance that the stone could fall out of the setting.

What is more expensive - gold or platinum, their price today

Gold and platinum are the most expensive precious metals. Cost formation is influenced by two main factors – production volumes and demand.

Platinum is much less common in nature, with total global production of about 100 tons per year, approximately 80% of which belongs to South Africa. In addition to South Africa, only five countries have their own reserves: Russia, the USA, China, Zimbabwe, and Canada. However, the demand for it also cannot be called very large.

Annual gold production is approximately 3,000 tons, which is significantly more, but the demand for the yellow metal is much higher. Most of it is used to make jewelry, replenishing government foreign exchange reserves.

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There is no clear answer to the question of what is more expensive: gold or platinum; quotes can be described as a game of catch-up, first one goes ahead, then the other. Having studied the trends of recent years, you can see that the palm is increasingly going to gold. However, there are some nuances that should be clarified.

There is a huge difference between the value of bullion and jewelry. Let's look at everything in order.

One of the most reliable and reliable sources of information about quotes is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Informers display the current price for today, the data is updated daily, synchronously with the main financial institution of the country.

Platinum rate of the Central Bank of Russia



(21.01.20) price in rubles per 1 gram

By comparing these two figures, you can easily determine which is more expensive. However, one should not make hasty conclusions. Bank bullion is a currency and a good investment tool. If we consider jewelry production, then everything will not look so simple.

Cost of platinum jewelry

This is where the fun begins - only high-quality 950 alloy is used to make jewelry. pure metal - at least 95%, that is, there are practically no impurities, and those that exist are mainly noble palladium.

To determine its real value, it is necessary to multiply the Central Bank data by 0.95. We get a price that differs very slightly from the purity in bank bullion. Therefore, platinum is used to produce luxurious, expensive products inlaid exclusively with diamonds and other precious stones. We can say that this is the elite of the world of jewelry.

Cost of jewelry gold

The standard values ​​of gold hallmarks adopted by the Assay Chamber of Russia are 958, 750, 585, 500, 375. Products of 958 fineness, with a pure metal content of 95.8%, are extremely rare on store shelves. The most popular all over the world is alloy 585 (58.5% gold) or 14 K - the designation adopted abroad. If we multiply the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by 0.585, we get the real price of such metal, which turns out to be almost two times cheaper than purity.

In this case, it turns out that platinum is more expensive than gold . If we add to this that it is not at all noble copper that is used as impurities, then it becomes clear who the loser is in such a comparison. Alloy 585 standard is used for mass production of jewelry intended for a wide range of consumers, in most cases, with synthetic stones.

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If you compare what is more expensive, then special attention should be paid to noble 750 white gold. Such an alloy is 75% pure, and the same platinum or palladium is added as impurities.

It gained its popularity at a time when platinum was almost twice as expensive (early 2000s), as a more affordable alternative. Visually distinguishing these two alloys is almost impossible.

In terms of their cost, they are now also very close; which alloy is more expensive depends on changes in quotes on world markets. Diamonds or other precious stones are almost always used for setting.

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There is nothing to say about the cost of low-quality 375 gold; it is almost three times cheaper than 999.9 gold.

What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

As already noted, these two alloys are very similar in color and appearance. The main difference is the stamp of the assay office, which is different in shape and has different numbers on it. Gold standards are 375, 585, 750, 958, for platinum – 850, 900, 950. The symbols Pt 950 are written on imported products.

There are known cases of attempts to sell 875 silver as platinum. The mark of silver is similar in shape, it should be remembered that platinum does not have the quality standard 875. Also, such jewelry differs in color, silver is white, platinum is gray. However, modern manufacturers widely use rhodium plating to coat silver items. Rhodium is a metal of the platinum group, very similar in color and shine.

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