What is red gold

Features of red gold

What is red gold

In ancient times, gold was tested in the simplest and most reliable way. He was heated over the fire. If the metal sparkles with a red tint, it means the product is real. This is where they came up with a similar shade of the previously yellow metal.

In order to achieve a rich color, a ligature containing copper and zinc is added to the composition. Thanks to these materials, red gold is obtained, which, in addition to its appearance, receives improved characteristics.

Products made from it look luxurious and noble.

Back in Tsarist Russia, a lot of red gold was produced. But then, this shade of metal was used only for finishing coins. The purity of the glory was almost 90%; now such ancient coins are equivalent to 900 purity.

Red gold in the modern world

Today, jewelry designers have come up with a lot of luxurious red gold jewelry. The most common of them are 585 samples. The jewelry is inexpensive and beautiful. Excellent combination of price and quality. Among precious jewelry, this sample is more in demand than others. Red gold is all jewelry that has colors from pink to more saturated shades. They look delicate and graceful.

Today in the markets you can find alloys of different colors and shades: black, brown, blue, light blue, etc. All of them have a sophisticated look. However, consumers prefer red gold. Designers believe that it is fashionable to wear it for ladies of respectable age, as it makes you look younger.

The most popular type of alloy is one that contains about 40% copper, and the rest is precious metal. Why does the buyer choose red gold? The answer is simple:

  • Strong and durable;
  • Does not fade for a long time;
  • Rarely deformed;
  • Very elastic;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Inexpensive and high quality.

Do not forget that gold increases in price every year. So don't delay your purchase.

Red gold alloys

Red gold is of the highest quality when silver is added to it. If there is a lot of copper in the alloy, then the product will oxidize and darken. A brown film forms on the surface of the decoration.

If the product is pink, it means there is 5-6 times less silver in it than in red gold. There is much more copper in it, which shows the low quality of the decoration. To obtain a brownish-red hue, palladium is added.

Thanks to the strength and elasticity of red gold, jewelers make airy and openwork products.

The difference between red gold and yellow gold

Multi-colored products are in fashion today. The most popular are yellow and red gold. So which one is better? Many consumers believe that red is cheaper. Is it true? First, let's take a look and weigh the positive and negative aspects of the two alloys.

Red and yellow gold differ from each other in many factors. The first difference between them is the color. Europeans value yellowness in a product more. This is the color of the royal crown. But in Russia, red gold is considered fashionable. It differs from yellow in that it contains a lot of copper. That is why it turns out a beautiful shade.

Copper and gold go well together. However, it must be remembered that good, high-quality decoration will not be too rich. If the product has a pronounced color, it is not considered a precious metal and its price will be quite low.

Such jewelry cannot be bought in an unknown place, as it is quite possible that it will turn out to be counterfeit. Purchase jewelry in specialized stores with the appropriate documents.

Yellow gold is preferred by those consumers who do not want to deviate from the classic style. It happens that it has a lemon tint. Wedding rings are also made from it. Since ancient times, it was believed that yellow was a symbol of wealth and good luck. How is it different from other shades? The difference between red gold and yellow gold is primarily in strength. The former is stronger due to the addition of impurities. Yellow is softer and not so practical.

Benefits of red gold:

  • Strong and durable;
  • Thanks to copper it has healing properties;
  • Does not fade;
  • Keeps its shape perfectly;
  • Difficult to deform.

Advantages of yellow gold:

  • Beautiful and bright, has a luxurious look;
  • Pairs perfectly with dark skin.

Red gold, like yellow gold, is popular and sophisticated. Only the first is made for everyday wear, and the second for special occasions. In products made from red gold, quite often a lot of precious stones are used, but for yellow gold, as a rule, few are used. They have only one similarity. Both types look great with diamonds.

So which gold is more expensive? Consumers often doubt which one to choose, red or yellow? The metal that does not add alloys or contains a minimal amount will always be more expensive. Therefore, it is noted that red metal is cheaper, since it contains a lot of copper. The difference between yellow gold and red gold is big. It all depends on what the buyer prefers.

On the other hand, there are no downsides to jewelry. The consumer chooses what he likes best.

Red rings

Today, red gold rings are very fashionable and popular. You can't call them new. Even in ancient times, wedding rings were made from this metal. Although they were made differently before. Copper was also added, but there was very little of it.

The bright color was obtained by incandescence at very high temperatures. Thanks to this method, a rich, darkish color was achieved. Over time, the range of shades has expanded. Now they make it from soft pink to rich red.

It all depends on how much copper is added to the product.

Red gold rings can be purchased at any jewelry store. Pay attention to the size and appearance. A person with thin, long fingers will want a delicate and small product, not a massive one. Large and bright rings will look better on large and long fingers.

Red gold rings highlight wealth and style. Designers try to make jewelry so that it suits absolutely any consumer in terms of color, beauty and sophistication.

Red gold price

The price of such jewelry is relatively low. Especially when compared with other precious alloys.

The cost depends on some factors:

  • From the sample. The higher it is, the more expensive the jewel;
  • From the presence of precious inserts;
  • From the manufacturer.

Red gold is an exquisite piece of jewelry. Its approximate average price per gram is about 1,200 rubles. This applies to the 585th sample. This alloy is the most optimal for jewelry. The price per gram is two times lower than yellow gold. Therefore, it is affordable and popular. 750 is much more expensive than 585.

Caring for red gold

The 585-grade product is not picky, but still requires sufficient care. As we know, red precious metal tends to tarnish and darken due to copper. It will last longer if you regularly wipe it with soapy water and clean it with a soft brush.

It is not advisable to clean jewelry with precious stones, as this may damage the product. Then you can get by with just a soap solution.

Many people advise cleaning any precious item with toothpaste or powder. However, jewelers consider this method of care unacceptable. If the decoration or paste is of poor quality, then the product will deteriorate much faster than expected.

The easiest way is a sugar solution. Add 3 teaspoons of sand to a glass of water. You can leave the decoration in this solution overnight. In the morning you won't recognize him.

In appearance, red gold of a higher standard looks more delicate. You can see the difference in the photo. Design plays a very important role in decoration. For buyers, even weight is not always important if the product is beautiful. To avoid deformation of the jewelry, try not to clean it, not to deal with sharp objects, and to avoid interaction of the product with cosmetics. Gold can darken much faster due to its chemical composition.


Red precious metal is a beautiful and inexpensive metal. It, just like yellow gold, looks elegant and rich. Prices vary. It all depends on how much copper is in the jewelry. Previously, only wedding rings were made from it. Today you can see a lot of similar decorations on store windows.

For a long time, only yellow gold products were recognized in the West. Today, preference is given to new collections, in which there are a lot of jewelry with pink and darker surface shades. These could be earrings, chains, bracelets or rings.

The noble shine of this jewel successfully hides the age of respectable ladies and rejuvenates the skin color.

A very important advantage of this product is that it is durable. Due to its durability, deformation occurs extremely rarely and you can wear it every day. It can also be combined with other jewelry colors besides yellow.

Many precious stones in red gold look most graceful, rich and elegant. It is advisable to care for this precious metal with a soap solution. If dirt gets between the stones, do not take risks, but take it to a jewelry workshop. They will help you within 15 minutes without damaging the product.

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Red gold composition, properties and application

What is red gold

Red gold is an alloy of gold with a high copper content. Since copper has a reddish tint, gold is painted in a corresponding bright color. The more copper in the alloy, the stronger and more saturated the red tint of the finished product. Along with copper, zinc is sometimes added to red gold. Up to 10% palladium can also be added to the alloy, which gives the metal a deep brown-red hue. Silver, on the contrary, softens the color.

Red gold typically contains 58.5% gold and 41.5% copper (585 fineness). If you increase the amount of copper in the alloy, then there is a possibility of oxidation of products made from this material upon contact with atmospheric oxygen. As a result, a reddish-brown film forms on their surface.

The concepts red gold and red gold are often considered synonymous. Actually this is not true. Red gold also has a red color, but it has a significantly higher purity than red gold alloys.

In Russia, red gold was popular at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Currently, it is also valued in the territory of the former USSR, which is why it is often called Russian gold.

According to some data, red gold products make up about 60% of the total volume of the domestic market. This is due to the lower cost of these products compared to products made from traditional yellow gold.

At the same time, red jewelry has a rather attractive appearance. And their low cost is due to an increase in the share of cheaper copper in the alloy.

Red gold is not valued in European countries. They consider it a low-quality and low-quality alloy. Foreign designers claim that a small number of precious and semi-precious stones are suitable for it. At the same time, red gold is a stronger alloy and is less susceptible to abrasion than yellow gold. Therefore, jewelry made from it can be worn regularly, and jewelry made from classic gold can be worn only on rare occasions.


In Rus', there was an opinion that products made of red gold bring warmth to a person’s life, a particular lack of which is felt by residents of northern countries. Jewelry made from such an alloy was considered strong and reliable talismans and amulets.

Red gold jewelry is believed to favor generous and generous people, but can also have a negative effect on scoundrels and idlers.

In folk medicine, there is an opinion that gold can make the skin more toned, elastic and fresh, and delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. It has been scientifically proven that a red gold diamond ring accelerates the penetration of oxygen molecules, which clearly has an extremely beneficial effect on the human body.

Wearing red gold jewelry is a good method of preventing many diseases. Together with gold, copper has an excellent therapeutic effect. The alloy relieves a man of impotence and gives a woman fertility.

Among other things, gold relieves sinusitis, deafness, pneumonia, sinusitis, improves the functioning of the thyroid gland and gastrointestinal tract.

It is believed that if you wear it on your right hand for a long time, you can extend your years by at least 10 to 15 years.

It is not recommended to sell heirloom red gold jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation. Since they are capable of accumulating strong energy potential and therefore must be constantly in the house. Under no circumstances should you purchase stolen jewelry, because it can bring sorrow and adversity.


The value of red gold for jewelers lies in its excellent strength and durability. These qualities allow you to create light, openwork jewelry without fear of the material losing its shape. Red gold jewelry looks amazing, even if it does not contain precious stones. Diamonds give them a certain chic, and red stones - garnet, ruby ​​- look more luxurious when surrounded by red gold, which gives them even greater expressiveness and depth.

Red gold goes well in jewelry with white and yellow.

This allows jewelers to create more original jewelry, and buyers to more fully emphasize the uniqueness of their own style and receive jewelry that better suits their aesthetic preferences.

Modern fashion is characterized by the creation of gold jewelry of various shades and tones. A striking example of such jewelry are three, two-color chains in which yellow, red and white gold are intertwined.

Many precious stones look much better when combined with the warm shade of red gold. Some designers believe that it is preferable for older women to wear gold items of this color. This is due to the fact that its color is close to the skin tone and does not attract too much attention in contrast, which allows you to create a really strong accent on the stone and, accordingly, attract admiring attention.

Today, gold earrings are one of the most desired gifts for women. They wear them all the time, and many never part with them. These red gold earrings with precious stones look simply amazing. They are created by professional artists and jewelers and can effectively complement a woman’s image.

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Wedding rings made of red gold look equally beautiful on both women's and men's hands. They can not only be traditionally smooth, they can be decorated with precious stones or inserts made of precious wood. As a rule, such wedding rings are 585 standard. Having sufficient rigidity, they are great for daily wear, maintaining a great look for a long time. The practicality and extraordinary beauty of red wedding rings cannot but delight.

You should not buy gold jewelry separately; it is much better to choose a set at once. Earrings and a ring made of gold of different colors indicate either a lack of funds or taste. The same applies to cufflinks, clips, chains and bracelets. Red gold jewelry, chosen with love, will be a family heirloom, a treasure that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Nowadays you can find amazing red gold jewelry made both in pre-revolutionary Russia and in Soviet times. Some are marked with the hallmarks of famous craftsmen, while others have a star next to the hallmark. It should be noted that modern jewelers are in many ways not inferior to their ancestors, and some masterpieces of our time can be seen in the Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin.


In order for red gold jewelry to please the eye for many years, it is necessary to properly care for it. Acid and mercury are its main enemies. Therefore, it must be protected from their influence.

It is also worth protecting it from various types of mechanical damage. Try not to scratch or drop products made from this alloy onto a hard surface.

If you need to clean your jewelry, use special brushes or a regular toothbrush with soapy warm water. It is strictly forbidden to boil red gold items.

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585 red gold: what is it, composition and price per 1 gram, difference from yellow

What is red gold

Today, jewelry store windows are full of colorful items made from precious metals. Therefore, we decide to tell you, dear reader, what the essence of such alloys is, how red gold is obtained and why. This article will help you understand whether it is worth your attention and how to distinguish it from others.

What kind of gold is this

Everyone has heard the term “red” gold, which is sometimes called red, which is not entirely true. Chervony is an almost pure metal above 900 purity. When heated, it acquires a bright scarlet color.

Thanks to this feature, the presence of a foreign element in the chervonets was checked precisely by heating. When coins made using ligatures heat up, they form opacities.

The red precious metal, on the contrary, is distinguished by the presence of a ligature in its composition. In this case, numerous variations of additives are allowed. And the quantitative ratio of the noble element and the ligature is directly related to color, quality and purity.

Composition and properties

Modern manufacturers prefer various alloys to red gold. This is due to the fact that the ligature increases wear resistance and gives unusual tones to the noble metal.

Today there are several options used in the production of jewelry. Their composition and physical properties are regulated by a system of established Russian GOSTs.

What is responsible for color?

The shade of the resulting material directly depends on the selected ligature and its quantitative share in the total mass. However, this precious metal also has some peculiarities. For example, red 900 standard has a slight reddish tint and has almost no impurities.


To protect products from mechanical damage and make them more durable, alloys began to be introduced into the composition of pure Au. This method increases the service life and makes jewelry more affordable.

Today, limited editions of jewelry are made from pure gold. Basically, these are massive wedding rings that retain their shape more easily.

Shade range

By adding rubidium to the 999 sample, a black metal is obtained. Blue indicates that indium was used. The hardest color to achieve is white. For its production, not only Aurum is used, but also nickel, platinum and palladium.

The palette of red tones looks no less impressive. These shades are achieved by introducing copper ore into the composition. The brighter the metal, the lower its purity and the higher the copper content.

Noble and delicate pink shades are obtained by introducing copper and silver. At the same time, the saturation of pink is regulated by the content of silver.


Red gold is available on the Russian market in four varieties:

  1. 333rd or 375th. This metal contains no more than 38% pure Au. It is practically not used in jewelry, as it quickly fades. There are alloys of orange color.
  2. 583rd (Soviet). Depending on the composition, it can change color from bright red to pale pink. Copper and silver were used as alloys. Pink versions contain nickel.
  3. 585th. The most common test. Copper, silver, palladium and nickel are used as alloys. A very durable and yet malleable alloy.
  4. 750th. Valued for its strength and malleability in forging. It contains platinum, nickel, copper, silver and palladium. May be red or pink.

There are six types of samples in total. All of them determine the quantitative fraction of the main element contained in the alloy. For example, the product has a hallmark of 585, which means: a 1 kg bar contains 585 g of pure gold, and the rest is alloys.

Methods of obtaining

Red varieties are obtained exclusively by smelting using ore alloying elements. Each manufacturer is required to produce gold alloys with clearly defined proportions of the constituent parts.

However, the technology for obtaining unique shades is developed individually by the master and is kept in the strictest confidence.

Application of this alloy

Depending on the grade, copper alloys are used in a wide variety of applications. For example, samples above 900 are used to coat parts, wires and microcircuits. Gem plating extends life and adds physical properties such as thermal and electrical conductivity.

But 333, 375, 585 and 750 are mainly intended for jewelry houses. They do not oxidize in air, are durable and have pleasant shades of color.

How is it different from yellow gold?

The first and main difference is color. And, of course, the composition. In yellow alloys, copper is never found, while in red alloys it is the main alloying element.

Jewelry made from red gold is gaining popularity among Russians, but Europeans prefer classic yellow jewelry. In Moscow you can buy exquisite jewelry from any metal, but it is better to do this in branded stores.

Which gold is better to choose, red or yellow?

The choice of shade depends entirely on personal preference. Today you can find jewelry in three colors at once. The main thing when choosing jewelry is to buy complete sets. Yellow alloys also vary in color, and the earrings you purchase may not match your previously purchased chain or ring.

High-quality and expensive metal has a light, unobtrusive tint. This is especially true for copper alloys. Here it is better to avoid saturated colors.

Which gold is more expensive - red, white or yellow?

The cost depends on many factors. In particular, from the components of the ligature. Alloys containing platinum and palladium will be more expensive.

As a rule, the cost of white metal is always higher. The next line in the price rating is occupied by yellow metal, and copper finishes the top three. However, soft pink alloys, which also contain platinum and palladium, may be valued higher than classic yellow ones.

Reasons for popularity

This precious metal gained popularity back in the days of the Soviet Union. At that time, alloys with copper attracted buyers with a low price and quite acceptable quality. Today, red and rose gold are more of a sign of good taste.

Combination with stones

Unlike yellow gold, red gold is inlaid much more often. It has rich scatterings of stones, numerous inserts and ornate patterns. Pink alloys look good with diamonds of any size.

And for everyday wear, 585 standard, inlaid with cubic zirconia or other semi-precious stones, is suitable.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the red alloy include:

  • strength and durability;
  • healing properties provided by copper ore;
  • does not fade;
  • perfectly takes any shape;
  • does not deform during wear.

The only drawback is their demanding color combinations. Yellow gold is more versatile in this regard.

Where can you buy or sell

People who sell jewelry secondhand often find counterfeit goods, and purchase prices are significantly reduced. If you want to save money, you can find good options at a pawn shop. But it's best to go to the store.

In addition, in pawn shops you can sell your boring jewelry at a profit. The final purchase price will be influenced by the condition (scrap or jewelry), the presence of precious or semi-precious stones, and fineness.

How much is 1 gram of red gold worth today?

Rates are updated according to global fluctuations in the cost of a gram of gold. Prices are calculated based on the precious metal content of the alloy. The graph below shows the cost of the most popular 585 standard:

Price for 999 standard according to the Central BankMarket value of the standard todayPrice for scrapPrice in jewelry

Recommendations for care, cleaning and storage

The following tips will help you maintain the shine and beautiful appearance of your jewelry:

  1. A soap solution will help keep items made from red alloys from tarnishing longer. Apply it to jewelry carefully, using soft brushes.
  2. Inlaid jewelry is wiped with a soft cloth, without using brushes.
  3. You can clean your jewelry using a sugar solution. To do this, you need to take 200 ml of warm water, dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar in it and lower the decoration into the liquid, leaving it for 12 hours.

Jewelers do not recommend using the favorite method of using toothpaste and a brush. This will greatly spoil the appearance of the decoration. You also need to limit the contact of jewelry with chemicals.

To prevent the rings from becoming deformed, it is advisable to remove them when going to the gym or doing physical labor.

Tips for choosing red gold jewelry

The photo clearly shows the difference between the different shades of red gold. Pink tones look more luxurious and romantic. This is an excellent choice for sublime and sophisticated natures.

Also, owners of short fingers should not choose bright jewelry. Such jewelry looks much more impressive on women with large facial features.

Also watch the video below about what other shades of gold there are:


Zinaida. Three years ago I bought myself a 585 ring and have never regretted it. I wear it every day without taking it off. It is still as bright as the day it was purchased.

Tamara. My husband gave me earrings with a slight pink tint for my birthday. Insanely beautiful but didn't suit me. Not my type, maybe. But now my daughter wears it with great pleasure.


Red gold is much stronger and cheaper. Previously, only wedding rings were forged from it, which are subject to the greatest mechanical and chemical stress, but today you can find jewelry worthy of royalty. Therefore, it is definitely worth paying attention to it.

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What is red gold: difference from yellow, 585 red gold

Red gold is highly popular among connoisseurs of precious materials to this day. A special feature of this precious metal is the increased percentage of copper in the alloy, which gives the jewelry its red color.

The predominant red color provides a sophisticated appearance and is suitable for both women and men.

This alloy is often 59% gold and 41% copper, and the more copper the jewelry contains, the more red the color predominates over yellow.

Products made of gold and copper have a very rich history, and it is this ratio of precious metal to copper that is called “Russian”, since the history of the appearance of 585 red gold has its origins on Russian soil.

It is also important to thoroughly know the differences between red gold and other shades, to fundamentally understand what exactly red gold is and why it is made of 585 samples before buying a product from such a precious material. Complete knowledge about such a material gives it additional value, which is why the red type of gold is so popular.

How is red gold different from yellow gold?

All types of jewelry that contain gold are alloys. Metals have been added to each of them, which dilute the true color of the gold and reduce the overall cost of the product compared to pure gold products.

At the same time, shades can have a variety of appearances and suit the tastes of different people.

Real yellow gold has a practical color that characterizes wealth and royalty, which is why it has been worn since Tsarist times. But, it is important to remember that yellow gold, which does not contain any impurity in its composition, is not at all practical.

It is not comfortable to wear because it is soft and not comfortable to wear, so it is simply impossible to use it as an everyday decoration.

When metal jewelry is added to the alloy, it receives additional strength, but most importantly, an exquisite color that can be varied and worn every day, matching the color of the same dresses, if it is a festive event, or create other openwork jewelry from it that will add color and taste every day.

What is red gold?

Red gold always looks beautiful, regardless of the outfit of the person who wears jewelry made from it. During the existence of the Soviet Union, red gold was the most popular jewelry. Also, many centuries before today, this shade of decoration was in special demand. Why is that?

It's all about not only the appearance, but also the price. Of course, copper has a price much lower than gold itself, so when purchasing jewelry made from such an alloy, you will have to pay a much smaller amount than for a product made of pure gold.

Why pay more if red gold will always be in fashion and comfortable to wear.

But, it is important to remember that the true price of a red gold product is not the ratio of gold to copper, but the design of the jewelry.

Today, more and more often, buyers have begun to pay attention to display cases where not just gold rings are placed, but jewelry made in a special design.

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Of course, red gold itself is universal in use, it can be used to make various jewelry, it is often experimented with, which allows you to achieve designs of incredible beauty.

What is 585 red gold?

14k red gold, as mentioned earlier, has a certain ratio - 41% copper and 39% gold. This alloy is considered optimal both in price and in everyday use.

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A product made from such an alloy has a pronounced red color and this alloy is easy to design; it can be used to “sculpt” a variety of practical things that can be worn every day.

Today it is very difficult to find jewelry that has a higher standard, since such a product would not be as beautiful and not so popular, so jewelry manufacturers place additional emphasis on jewelry in exactly this ratio of copper to gold.

But is it worth remelting a product if it contains so much or little copper? In fact, even though 585 standard is considered the most optimal ratio among all others, nevertheless, there is no need to try to replace an already existing piece of jewelry of another standard with this one.

The fact is that each piece of jewelry is unique in its own way and attracts the eye, and connoisseurs of such jewelry can wear different alloys so that it doesn’t get boring.

Gold differs in its composition and can have different appearances, designs and prices. Red gold is different from yellow and white and has its own exquisite red tint.

In the old days, famous coins - chervonets - were made from it, which is why it can be called “red” gold.

Jewelry may differ in composition from those old coins, because currency units are always more susceptible to friction than jewelry, so it has a harder alloy, different from modern products.

In conclusion, we can say that red gold is perfect for wearing by representatives of any gender. All jewelry that can be made from gold is made from it.

But the main difference between such a product and other alloys is its ease of wear, not too high cost and exquisite red color that will suit any outfit. It is really beautiful and very practical, so products made of red gold can be worn for every holiday.

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Red gold

To achieve high wear resistance, alloys of different metals - alloys - are added to it. Depending on which metals are included in the alloy, gold can acquire a different color, going through the entire spectrum from black to white. The most famous, of course, is yellow, but there are also green, red, blue and even purple.

Red gold - features

Red gold is the result of the addition of zinc and copper alloys. The more copper in the alloy, the stronger and more saturated the red tint of the finished product. Up to 10% palladium can also be added to the alloy, which gives the metal a deep brown-red hue.

A certain amount of silver, on the contrary, will soften the color. The sample will depend on what percentage of the alloy the ligature occupies. For example, an alloy of 58.5 mg. pure metal and 41.5 mg. ligatures are formed by 14 karat gold according to the European system.

If we translate this into our realities, we get 585 sample.

Even a simple piece of red gold jewelry looks very impressive. If the product is inlaid with precious stones, it becomes completely irresistible. For example, diamonds give red gold a special chic, and rubies, garnets and other red stones framed in such precious metals look very elegant. Red gold gives such stones greater depth and expressiveness.

The value of red gold for jewelers lies in its excellent strength and durability. Such qualities allow you to create light openwork decorations without fear that the material will lose its shape. Jewelry created at the end of the 19th century has still retained its beauty and grace.

Red gold is the best choice

Nowadays, red gold is becoming increasingly popular. In the last century, at jewelry factories in the USSR, it was the main and main raw material for the production of jewelry. Not so long ago, the fame of this type of gold went far beyond the CIS, and now jewelry stores provide a wide selection of products from this metal alloy. The whole world has discovered the advantages of red gold jewelry: luxury of shades, durability and strength, beauty in any setting.

Modern jewelry fashion is characterized by mixing different shades of gold in jewelry. The most famous example is tricolor chains of white, yellow and red. Jewelers thus facilitated the task of combining various jewelry into a single piece of jewelry.

Red gold has another advantage, which is not so noticeable at first glance. It is a good method of preventing many diseases due to its significant copper content. And copper itself has a strong therapeutic effect, let alone the case when the energy of its influence will be greatly enhanced by gold.

You should not buy gold jewelry separately; it is much better to choose a set at once. Earrings and a ring made of gold of different shades betray a lack of either means or taste.

But if you choose red gold jewelry with attention and love, it will become a real family treasure that will be passed on from generation to generation.

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How do you get the red color of gold and how much does it cost?

Black, yellow, white and even red gold - this metal has plenty of shades. Today, jewelers and designers unanimously claim that red metal is in fashion. Such products are suitable for any skin type, will decorate a woman of any age and add sophistication and elegance to her appearance.

Where does color come from?

Red gold appears due to the addition of copper, nickel and silver to the alloy. If there is little silver in the alloy, then the product has a rich hue, but such jewelry is not of high quality.

Types of gold

Jewelry is also popular because it has many advantages:

  1. Copper gives the alloy strength.
  2. Combined with stones.
  3. Red gold allows you to create weaving.

Silver and nickel, which are part of the alloy, are ductile and give the product elegance and a delicate shade. Copper makes the alloy strong, but these metals oxidize, so jewelry requires maintenance.

Adding copper, nickel and silver to the alloy helps create an openwork, sophisticated weave that matches with a large number of stones. Yellow color suits dark skin and expensive outfits, but scarlet gold is also suitable for everyday wear.

There are different shades - from pale pink to red. Rings made from this material are recommended to be worn by women with long fingers, since the weave looks perfect on hands.

Red gold wedding ring

Advantages of an alloy with an admixture of copper, nickel and silver:

  • wear for a long time;
  • do not cause allergies;
  • are inexpensive;
  • rarely deformed.

The choice will be up to the customers, but there is no point in disputing the positive qualities of such jewelry.

What's better?

Red gold, white or yellow - which one to choose? The answer to this question depends on the woman’s preferences and preferences.

  • The color yellow is associated with wealth.
  • White is the most expensive alloy, which indicates the status of the owner or owner. The cost depends on the amount of half-radium in the material.
  • Red gold is a choice that testifies to a person’s taste and love for jewelry.

In Europe, the red tint is not popular; such products are considered low quality due to the addition of copper and nickel to the alloy.

The gold boom has long captured most of the globe; jewelry made from this metal is popular, especially since they are constantly rising in price:

But red gold, like any other, has a number of disadvantages:

  1. Oxidizes.
  2. Covered with plaque.
  3. Difficult to clean.

The quality of the alloy, which includes copper, nickel and silver, is often questionable. If a film appears on the surface of the jewelry, this indicates that the jewelry is not of high quality. Therefore, you should not buy jewelry in stores that raise doubts.

Red gold pendant

Scarlet metal darkens and turns black, and a coating appears upon contact with water, since copper is afraid of moisture. This is worth remembering when purchasing jewelry. Red gold is difficult to clean, so it is recommended to monitor the condition of the jewelry and use jewelry care products.

But all the disadvantages can be overcome by one plus - the cost of the metal compared to its “competitors”.

How to choose and how much does it cost?

How much does jewelry made from this metal cost? It all depends on several factors:

  • weight in grams;
  • manufacturer;
  • presence of stones.

Copper and nickel are not very expensive, so the more of them in the alloy, the lower the cost of the jewelry. The price per gram is from 1500 rubles.

Red gold is difficult to compare in price with white gold - jewelry with an admixture of copper and nickel is cheaper compared to those with added platinum.

There are several ways to help distinguish low-quality jewelry from a good product:

  • red gold should not have a rich hue;
  • the metal must have a uniform color, without transitions;
  • there are no abrasions, stains or roughness on the surface;
  • shimmers under the rays of the sun and in the shadows;
  • There is a sample from the manufacturer's plant.

The most popular is 585 standard; such jewelry is in demand. If there is enough silver in the composition, then the metal has a pink tint, which is clearly visible.

The color of red gold should not be too red; preference should be given to calm shades that indicate the quality of the jewelry.

But color cannot be considered an indicator of the quality of the jewelry; perhaps the jewelers worked on the shade, wanting to give the product a unique color.

Products made from copper alloy get dirty faster than others, so they should be stored in cases and protected from moisture.

Red gold has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you choose the right product, you can not only make an investment, but also purchase a product made from the precious metal.

For many years, jewelry of any color was considered a sign of prosperity. If yellow is associated with the splendor of the crown, and white with the restraint and coldness of emperors, then red remained in the shadows for many years. Today, jewelry made from this metal has deservedly occupied its niche in the market and is considered a sign of not only well-being, but also good taste.

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585 red gold: what is it and how does it differ from yellow?

The production of red gold is attributed to Ancient Rus'. It was believed that in Europe the yellow shades of this metal were more valued, while in Rus' – the red ones. According to legend, this is due to the fact that to determine the authenticity of the coins, they were heated over a fire, causing the metal to acquire a reddish tint, which was considered a sign of authenticity.

It was this shade that served as inspiration for the further production of gold alloys with a reddish tint.

If earlier reddish-colored coins were made from 900-carat gold (i.e., with 90% pure gold content), today’s craftsmen are less wasteful - red alloys are mostly 585-carat. So what is 585 red gold? What is it made from and what are its properties?

Origin and properties of red gold

The main additives in the red gold alloy are copper, silver and palladium. Depending on their proportional ratio, the finished product will have different color saturation - white with a slight hint of red, delicate pink, expressive red. However, the very bright colors of the metal are a sign of its low quality and the almost complete absence of gold.

Besides color, what is the difference between red gold and yellow gold? Reddish alloys have greater elasticity, lighter weight and high strength. Due to this, they can be given a variety of openwork shapes and create exquisite and fancy jewelry. In addition, the higher strength of red gold prevents it from getting scratched and chipped.

Also, due to the silver content, red gold shines brightly and practically does not fade. Copper allows such jewelry to be hypoallergenic, which makes red gold accessible to wear for people who have problems coming into contact with precious metals.

The value of red gold depends on its fineness. So, for example, 585 gold can be either yellow or red, because... The color of the finished alloy depends on the composition of impurities, and not on the amount of pure gold.

However, the price per gram of red gold is on average less than the price per gram of any other alloy. Depending on the complexity of the jewelry and the composition of the alloy, the price of a gram of red gold in a product varies from 2,800 to 6,000 rubles.

Whether red or yellow gold is better is a matter of personal preference. Despite the existence of some differences in the price and properties of the metal, the main criterion is the appearance of the product. It is believed that red gold is beneficial for women with pale skin, and yellow gold for dark-skinned women, so that the shade of the metal will favorably highlight the natural color of the skin.

Red gold is often used to make jewelry with red stones. Particularly popular are rubies and garnets, which look much more attractive in rose or red gold than in yellow metals. Red gold wedding rings are considered traditional and last longer than other alloys.

Jewelry made of red gold suits older ladies, because... the bright shade of this metal makes the face visually younger. In addition, red gold was extremely popular in the USSR, so the older generation will certainly have jewelry that will successfully complement the set.

Gold alloys. How to get colored gold | SOKOLOV Magazine

In the periodic table D.I. Mendeleev gold has the designation Au (Aurum), which translates as “yellow”. However, it is impossible to imagine the modern jewelry industry without precious metals of various shades. What determines the color of gold?

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Jewelry alloys

Pure gold does indeed have a bright yellow color, but is used extremely rarely in the jewelry industry. This is a very soft metal, sensitive to mechanical stress. In order to increase the strength and increase the service life of jewelry, gold-containing alloys are used for their manufacture.

In Russia, the composition of precious metal alloys is regulated by GOST 30649-99. The fractional content of pure metal in the alloy is indicated by breakdown. In our country, according to the law “On the procedure for testing and branding products made of precious metals,” gold is assigned 585 and 750 samples. The share of precious metal in jewelry with these samples is 58.5% and 75.0%.

In addition to gold, the alloy contains additional components that determine the color of the future product and are called alloy. The most common are combinations of gold with silver and copper. Less commonly, platinum, palladium and other metals are used as alloys.

A little history

The fact that precious metal can be given a wide range of shades has been known since ancient times. Colored gold was first used in the jewelry industry in the 19th century. This happened in connection with the discovery of new noble metals - osmium, rhodium and palladium. At the same time, experiments began to be carried out to introduce them into precious alloys. Despite the fact that the components were known, the technology of joining metals was kept in the strictest confidence by jewelers.

Already at this time it became clear that the alloy in the alloy affects the color and strength of the products, but not their quality. impurities should not exceed the permissible 0.17%. Therefore, at present, regardless of what metal was used as a master alloy, the general gold-bearing alloy is considered precious.

How to get colored gold

The most traditional shades of gold are red, white and yellow. However, there are many more metal colors.

Red gold

For a long time, this metal was used to gild domes and other architectural elements, and only then they began to make jewelry from it. Most of the modern jewelry assortment is made in red gold. Copper gives this shade to the metal. The more of it there is in the alloy, the richer the color will be.

Red gold is used in a wide variety of jewelry; it goes well with any inserts, looks elegant and self-sufficient.

Brown gold

The metal acquires a beautiful chocolate shade by chemically treating a gold-containing alloy with copper.

Green gold

Oddly enough, silver gives gold its olive-green hue, and to achieve a more saturated emerald color, cadmium is added to the alloy.

In our country, green gold is not traditional. Sometimes floral elements of jewelry compositions are made from it, but still more often an enamel coating is used for this.

Blue gold

Getting a blue or light blue shade of gold is the most secretive. Jewelers do not disclose not only the technology for obtaining the metal, but even the components of the alloy. Experts suggest that the secret of the color transformation lies in the impurities of cobalt or iron. This is a rare case of a two-component alloy.

purple gold

Jewelers call this gold amethyst for its special decorative shade. Most often, aluminum is added to the alloy to achieve the beautiful purple color of the metal. Interestingly, this shade is only possible in an alloy with 750 gold.

Black gold

It turns out that black gold is not only a metaphorical name for oil, but also a real precious metal. There are several known ways to obtain black gold. The first method is to add cobalt and chromium to the alloy and oxidize the metal at high temperature. Also, an unusual shade is achieved by coating red gold with rhodium.

The color of gold can depend not only on the components of the alloy, but also on various chemical influences. Unusual shades are achieved by applying various decorative coatings to metal, as well as as a result of thermal or chemical treatment.

Fashion trends

Combined gold continues to be one of the leading trends in jewelry fashion. Jewelry that combines red and white metal is especially relevant. These alloys are distinguished by their high strength and resistance to external influences, which is why they are used to make jewelry that will delight its owner for many years.

Modern brands create various products from combined gold: with and without inserts, simple and extravagant. Often diamond edges are applied to such jewelry, making the metal more textured.

This season, decorative elements of gold of different shades are combined into something harmonious, making the design of the jewelry more complex.

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Which gold is better - red or yellow?

Eleonora Brik

There is no Turkish, Italian or Russian gold. When assessing pure precious metal, it is impossible to identify the source of origin by chemical or physical means. At the same time, in jewelry factories, gold for making jewelry initially has its original appearance, and only during the production process the precious metal is mixed with impurities of copper, silver and other metals.

Let's try to find out which gold is more expensive and better: white, pink, yellow or red? Although, undoubtedly, the taste and color

Production of red and yellow gold in Russia and abroad

In the Russian Federation, a precious metal with a reddish tint is popular, and in European countries and the United States, yellow gold is popular.

 The red color of the metal can be obtained by adding copper impurities to gold , and a yellow tint is obtained if the alloy contains silver. Since the 15th century, jewelers have been deceiving the buyer when making a precious product.

This was possible due to the fact that people, while making demands on the purity of gold, did not know what a ligature was.

In European countries, large amounts of silver were sometimes added to gold alloys, but it was impossible to distinguish such precious metals from pure gold by color. Traditional composition of international 585 yellow gold alloy per 1 g of alloy:

gold – 0.585 g; silver – 0.1875 g;

copper – 0.2275 g.

To purchase pure gold, pay attention to the sample, the name of the manufacturer, the article number and the price per gram

The sample must be clear and visible to the naked eye. Do not purchase jewelry from kiosks and other dubious places.

Comparative characteristics of red and yellow gold

People who want to save money prefer yellow gold, mistakenly believing that it is cheaper. However, it is not. This type is valued in European countries for the durability and color of the king’s crown, which is why its price is higher.

What is 585 red gold ? This is also an alloy of gold, which differs from the yellow precious metal in the presence of a larger amount of copper impurities, which makes it stronger and gives it a unique color tint. The 585 purity indicates 58.5% pure gold in the overall composition.

The difference between red gold and yellow gold is primarily in color, but red is usually worn in everyday life, and yellow is worn on special occasions. Products made from yellow precious metal rarely use precious stones, but red gold ones are effectively complemented with them.

Both look great with diamonds.

The advantages of red gold are:

the ability to keep its shape and maintain its original appearance for decades; healing effects due to copper;

strength and durability.

Yellow gold is popular due to:

bright and rich color; sophistication;

compatible with light and dark skin types.

How to choose gold depending on the type of product?

Yellow and red precious metals are in demand in areas such as medicine, the chemical industry, microelectronics and others. But more often they are used in the form of jewelry. To choose the right gold, decide on the purpose of your purchase .

The purpose of red gold jewelry is everyday wear. The yellow precious metal is considered richer and more luxurious, and items made from it are typically purchased for festive occasions. It is much softer than its counterpart, and therefore everyday wear of products made from it is impractical. If jewelry made of yellow gold is damaged, the cost of repair will be significantly higher than that of red precious metal.

If you decide to buy a watch trimmed with precious stones , you can safely opt for red gold.
They will look great with this shade. The wedding ring is traditionally made of yellow precious metal, since this color is a symbol of stability, eternal love and fidelity between husband and wife.

Jewelry made from red gold will look good if it has an intricate texture and fancy patterns. These include decorations produced in the form of flowers, buds or leaves.

Traditionally, products made of yellow gold are characterized by a minimalist style , a small number of decorative elements.

When choosing an exquisite item made of precious metal for everyday wear, it is better to choose the red version of gold, since it provides a variety of design ideas and the ability to manufacture the product according to any wishes of the client.
Openwork details are difficult to make in yellow gold, and the final result may not look as eccentric as in red gold. However, the variety of options for decorating them is limited.

The more complex the processing of the precious metal, the higher the final cost of the jewelry

Gold of different colors

What is the difference between white, yellow, red and pink gold of the same 585 standard ? The difference is not only in color.

In addition to the fact that the corresponding components and their proportional content determine the colors and shades of jewelry, the metals added to pure gold affect its mechanical characteristics: strength, rigidity and resistance to deformation.

Rose and red gold are alloys of pure gold and copper: the greater the proportion of copper in the alloy, the more saturated its color will be, from slightly pinkish to red.

There is an opinion that white gold is more expensive than regular gold . The chemical value of products of the same standard is the same: gold jewelry of 585 standard contains the same amount (58.5%) of pure gold.

But the marketing price can indeed vary significantly, but mostly due to the design and the more noble-looking white color.

The nobility of the shade is achieved by adding platinum to the alloy; nickel is rarely added due to its hyperallergenicity; palladium gives the product an undesirable yellowish color.

585 red gold: what is it, composition and price per 1 gram, difference from yellow | mk-soyuz.rf

Today, jewelry store windows are full of colorful items made from precious metals. Therefore, we decide to tell you, dear reader, what the essence of such alloys is, how red gold is obtained and why. This article will help you understand whether it is worth your attention and how to distinguish it from others.

14k red and yellow gold

Modern gold jewelry is mostly made from 585 gold. This is explained by the fact that the precious metal with this marker has excellent flexibility in processing and is practical for everyday wear.

However, such products may differ both in the characteristics of the alloy or cost, and in its color. Today, among residents of Russia, the most popular are red and yellow gold of 585 assay value.

And what it is, you and I will have to figure it out in this article.

14k red gold

585 standard is 58.5% gold and 41.5% ligature. In the red alloy, copper is used as an impurity. It is thanks to her that the precious metal receives such a shade. And the greater the amount of copper involved in the alloy, the richer its color will be. Therefore, in the manufacture of red 585 standard, all 41.5% of copper is used.

Features of the precious alloy

In addition to color, the addition of copper to 14k red gold also affects its other characteristics, including:

  • High strength and wear resistance;
  • Preservation of shine and brightness of color for a long time;
  • Excellent plasticity and flexibility in processing, which allows craftsmen to perform even the most delicate jewelry work in the highest quality.

The positive features of red gold also include its hypoallergenicity. Therefore, if you want to purchase a product for everyday wear - for example, a wedding ring, which will not cause you discomfort and skin rashes, then 585 red gold will suit you perfectly.

Also among the pleasant features of this alloy is the very affordable price of its jewelry. 14k red gold has an adequate price due to its relatively low content of precious metal and high consumer demand. However, it is worth considering the fact that market prices for this material are constantly growing. Therefore, an insignificant cost today can result in an impressive price tag tomorrow.

Jewelry with precious stones

What standard is red gold? We have already figured it out. But are there products made from this alloy that can be combined with precious stones? If so, what types of gems are used in them, and what stones are most suitable for the 585 hallmark?

Jewelry made from this metal is very popular - they make up about 80% of the total number of domestic jewelry products. They use absolutely all types of precious stones. This alloy perfectly retains minerals, and its red tint blends well with the shimmer of any crystals.

Black diamonds, sapphires, topazes, emeralds or warm-colored gemstones (rubies, garnets, tourmaline) will look especially chic here.

In combination with red, gems look more expressive and acquire special sophistication.

The most popular representatives of jewelry made of red gold and precious stones are jewelry intended for everyday wear. As a rule, these include wedding rings, earrings, Orthodox crosses and palms. They are particularly durable in use, and their plasticity allows you to easily change the size of the product without the risk of damaging its integrity.

14k yellow gold

Bright yellow, sunny color is a natural shade of gold, which does not contain any impurities. But as you know, jewelry is not made from pure noble metal due to its low wear resistance and fragility. Therefore, to achieve the strength of the material and a rich yellow color, additional alloys are added to the 585 sample. Today, there are the following types of impurity ratios in red gold:

  • Copper (3.25%), silver (38.25%) - yellow color is weakly expressed, a slight greenish tint is observed;
  • Copper (13.5%), silver (28%) - faint yellow color without additional shades;
  • Copper (22.75%), silver (18.75%) - rich yellow.

Silver and copper in the 585 alloy play the role of coloring elements. Copper enhances the warm color of the base metal and gives it a reddish hue, which is diluted and cooled by silver. As a result, we get yellow tones of varying saturation.

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